The Texas Monthly editorial staff has already expanded in 2024. At the end of last month, we welcomed both Aisling Ayers and Meher Yeda, and this week Will Bostwick joined the team. We are excited to have these three, who are all familiar faces around TM, on staff in an official capacity.

Aisling Ayers is our new TV, film, and podcast coordinator. Prior to graduating from the University of Texas at Austin in the Moody College Honors Program last May, Aisling reported on and produced a narrative podcast, Forsaken, for the Drag Audio. She also spent time in college as a reporter and an editor for the Life and Arts Department of the Daily Texan, wrote features for the Austin American-Statesman and Austin Woman magazine during editorial internships, and worked as a writing coach for the Moody Writing Center. Over the past seven months, Aisling interned with Brian Standefer and Patrick Michels in the podcast studio, and she’s credited as an assistant producer on both One by Willie and Shane and Sally.

Meher Yeda first came to Texas Monthly in the fall of 2022 when she served as a hybrid art-and-editorial intern. In that role she proved a jack-of-all-trades with a sharp eye for detail, penning articles on style and film, designing graphics and animations to accompany our web stories, and contributing research for complex features. She has since graduated from Northwestern University with a BS in journalism and minors in design and environmental policy. Meher has now officially joined Texas Monthly as our editorial coordinator.

Last, Will Bostwick has joined the staff as a member of our fact-checking team. Like Aisling and Meher, Will is no stranger to the editorial department—he started working with TM as a freelance fact-checker in 2020, and for the past year he has been on contract with us, splitting his time between fact-checking and writing, primarily about health and the outdoors. Born and raised in Waco, Will worked in a variety of fields after graduating from the University of the South, including working as a ranch hand, a project assistant at a Washington, D.C., law firm, and a project manager for a building company in Austin. He freelanced in journalism on the side, though, and took the plunge into full-time editorial work when he became an editorial fellow for Outside magazine in 2020.