Last year, Cadillac took audiences on a culinary road trip, spotlighting top chefs from Dallas to San Antonio. This year, the brand will explore bold, creative leaders in music, design, home, and sports through a video series hosted by Jay B Sauceda, a fifth generation Texan whose eclectic career brings a creative, innovative spirit to these interviews. Sauceda is the founder of Texas Humor, runs a logistics company that helps power other entrepreneurs, and when he has time, photographs Texas landscapes from the cockpit of his single engine Cessna.

In his first stop along the journey, he drives to meet Abraham Alexander, a musician who is excited to get back to performing post-pandemic. The Fort Worth-based musician gives a tour of the places that have both shaped his career this past year and encouraged his embrace of the unknown.

Video shot and directed by Riley Engemoen. Edited by Colton Constanzo and Devin Fortenberry. Special thanks to Niles City Sound Studio and The Kessler Theater.