Ever since 1972, when Richard Nixon signed legislation into law that officially named the third Sunday in June Father’s Day, the beginning of June has been frequently marked by a minor panic for many of us.

It’s time to find a gift for your Dad.

This happens two or three times a year, of course, but Father’s Day is the most pressure-packed. Sure, his birthday is HIS day, but odds are he doesn’t want to make too big a deal of adding another candle to the birthday cake. And at the holidays, he’s just one among many people likely receiving gifts. But Father’s Day…that’s the real challenge. Everyone is looking for that perfect symbol to reflect their love and appreciation for the guy who’s partly responsible for their existence.

Lucky for you, we’re here to relieve some stress by giving you a single rule to follow that’s guaranteed to help you find the perfect Father’s Day gift:

Give a gift that makes a shared experience that you both enjoy just a little bit better.

The beauty of this rule lies in its universal applicability and its versatility. You’re not likely stressing about what to give Dad if you both have similar passions. By all means, if you’re into the same things as your father you should lean into them.

For the rest of us apples that have fallen farther from the tree, focusing on optimizing time spent together can take some consideration. And time you may need to spend thinking about what your Dad likes is a feature, not a bug, of this rule. You might even have to plan a conversation with him to stealthily inquire about what he’s interested in these days.

Once you have that insight, here are a few ideas to start you thinking about how to give a perfect Father’s Day gift…one that will bring you closer to your dear ol’ Dad.

  • Take an interactive class to learn something together. This could take any number of forms, from a class to tackle a home improvement project on Dad’s to-do list with him to a cooking class, but if you are building or advancing a skill you’re growing and improving at the same time.
  • Tickets to a concert or sporting event. Assuming you choose an event that he’ll be excited about, you’re sure to spend time with your Dad with a shared focal point that likely will trigger new stories or bring out a different side of him than you normally see.
  • Plan a road trip to discover a new Texas town. In a state this vast there are nearly limitless options. Pick someplace that neither of you have visited and explore the unique quirks of your chosen destination on an overnight trip. You can even buy Dad a unique souvenir that you’ll both remember fondly. Tip: if you’re looking for a guide, Chet Garner, The Daytripper, has been to nearly every corner of Texas.
  • Go off the map to connect on an elemental level. If you’re both up for an outdoors adventure, you could gift your dad with a shiny new piece of outdoor equipment like a NOMAD grill and plan a camping trip.
  • Build a highlight reel out of old family photos and video. Dads are often in the background for family photos, but they enjoy remembering the good times as much as anyone else. And most of us haven’t accomplished enough to create a documentary about their lives to take a stroll down memory lane. Ask to spend some time sifting through old photo books or through his cloud-based library to collect material, and put on your Steven Spielberg hat to craft a trailer.
  • The gift of a great dinner out. You could give him a gift card to his favorite neighborhood restaurant and make reservations, but why not take it to the next level and plan a road trip to visit a Top 50 BBQ Joint or a tour of the best taco joints in your area.
  • Elevate his outdoor cooking setup and enjoy an old school backyard barbeque. The gift ideas here are endless, from a new grill or smoking rig to tools and even premium ingredients or new seasonings to cook with. If you’re gifting from afar, you can send a taste of premium Texas beef nationwide with Goodstock By Nolan Ryan.

There are countless ways that you could bring this theme to life for your Dad, and every one of them will be uniquely just right for him, if it comes from the heart. If you follow this golden rule, this year’s gift will let you create new memories with him, and that’s the ultimate win on Father’s Day.