In neon lights, guests are greeted with the words that inspired Bea Ferrel, owner and head baker of Lubbock’s newest sweet spot, Brulee Bakery, to take the leap of faith and open her own shop.

With a lifetime of experience under her apron belt, of which 18 years were professional, Bea, named after her grandmother Beatriz who owned her own bakery in California where the now-Lubbock baker was born and raised, followed the signs pointing her to a quaint space located in Tech Terrace. Originally from Orange County, California, Bea and her husband made the move to Lubbock, Texas in pursuit of new opportunities.

Photo courtesy of LEDA

Not knowing what to expect, Bea describes her first impression of Lubbock to be positive, as the community was welcoming, and the simple pace of life was inviting. With every intention of moving home after two years, seven years later the pair found themselves investing in their new home.

Since moving to the “Hub City” Bea has found herself assisting other local and cottage bakers as they worked to establish their own bakery in town. For her, giving back and paying it forward is most important.

Photo courtesy of LEDA

“I was fortunate enough to have the education, whether it be from culinary school or from those who I have learned from along the way who have invested in me as a baker and I want to emulate that and teach others what I know. I want to pay that forward.” Bea explained.

What Bea describes as a necessary component to baking that cannot be taught is having a passion for the industry. With familial ties to what is now comprised of her life and livelihood, Brulee Bakery is a tribute to her family. From her grandfather’s lemon bars to her Texas and California shaped shortbread cookies, each baked good in the shop has a story. Texans will also be pleased to find her palate has evolved to compliment the Lone Star State culture through a variety of baked goods including kolaches and hatch chile muffins.

Photo courtesy of LEDA

Guests can experience a wave of nostalgia of their own with a bite into a homemade strawberry Poptart. When asked what drives her passion for baking, Bea shares how she finds food to be a way to connect us.

“For me, growing up my grandmother was big on food and bringing the family together. The things we made connected us. Just like that, I think it’s great when traveling with someone, and they will eat something and say, ‘Oh wow I haven’t had that since I was a kid.’ As we get older, our elders are no longer with us, but what we do have of them is the recipes and the memories they hold. Part of that for me is food.”

What’s next for Bea and Brulee Bakery? Maybe a cookbook one day! For now, she hopes to share her cherished memories with the community and inspire others to take the leap and pursue their own passions.

This holiday season, stop in Brulee for a homemade pie to share with your loved ones. For more stories with a sweet “Hub City” twist, visit