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Style & Design

Retired Couple Goes Modern in San Marcos

A. GRUPPO Architects transformed the Laman Residence into dual towers for an art studio and gallery.
A. GRUPPO Architects transformed the Laman Residence into dual towers for an art studio and gallery.

Dror Baldinger

In addition to being husband and wife of 46 years, Jene and Jean Laman are creative collaborators. They spent almost 40 years teaching together at Texas State University, he in the interior design department, and she in fiber arts. Their first retirement project? Transforming the modest 1970s-era ranch-style home they inhabited in San Marcos for three decades into a modern marvel, complete with an ever-changing gallery and shared studio.

They enlisted the help of architects Andrew Nance and Thad Reeves of A. Gruppo Architects for a radical transformation set among a canopy of live oak and cedar elm trees on a one-acre lot. The architects brought the couple’s keen design point of view to life from magazine clippings, museum pamphlets, and inspiration photographs the Lamans collected for years, waiting for the right time to remodel and add on to their compact, 1,800-square-foot home.

“We were looking forward to retirement, but we knew that we weren’t going to sit around and that we needed a challenge,” Jene says. “Ordinarily they say it’s a test on a marriage whenever you build a house together, but we just love working together.” Take a tour of the stunning result of their dream home that was decades in the making.

Tags: Space, Style, jean laman, jene laman, san marcos, spaces