Eat My Words |
July 22, 2010

Trailer Thursday: Me So Hungry

It’s a little ironic that the best part about Me So Hungry, situated in the parking lot of all-vegan Cheer Up Charlie’s, is the meat. The Asian-style barbecue chicken in my Zen Salad was delicious, and it was a great surprise to find heaps of fresh baby…

Eat My Words |
July 15, 2010

Trailer Thursday: ¡Hola Aloha! and Lulu B’s

Vegan ice cream? Let me say what you’re thinking: Hmmm. But there’s something special going on at ¡Hola Aloha!, a South Austin snow cone and sweet treat stand. Their vegan ice cream, made with coconut milk, was just that—creamy, cold, milky, and delicious. I tried it in an…

Politics & Policy |
May 31, 2005

Get Out the Vo

The demographics of one legislative district in Houston have changed so dramatically that they allowed a novice Democrat to unseat an eleven-term Republican powerhouse. But the real story is what could happen elsewhere in the not-so-distant future.

Art |
January 1, 1997

Trinh Pham

Why hire an architect, an interior designer, a graphic designer, and an image consultant when one person can do the whole job? That’s the idea 29-year-old Trinh Pham has been building on since she earned an architecture degree from the University of Houston in 1991. Her first big job had…