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More than a half century ago, James Dick returned from studying classical piano in Europe. He set out to create his own music conservatory, offering a unique experience to classical musicians used to the major metropolitan areas where orchestras thrive.

Out among the cow pastures and rolling hills between Austin and Houston, he founded the Round Top Festival Institute. And more than fifty years later, it’s become an international haven for artists who want to study and perform in what he calls “a human-scale environment.”

The campus has a chapel, dorm rooms, practice space, and the crowning achievement: an ornate, thousand-seat concert hall inspired by the great stages of Europe. Every summer the annual music festival convenes an orchestra of musicians from around the world for a series of public concerts.

Step inside the one-of-a kind venue in this video from Texas Country Reporter.

Note: Texas Country Reporter’s concert tour, “A Texas Tribute,” will visit Festival Hill on Sunday, July 3. The orchestra will also play patriotic Fourth of July tunes.