Meat and Sweet
The Caldwell Kolache Festival isn’t only for the sweet tooth; you can eat the customary fruit fillings or sample a meat kolache, a variety that achieved celebrity status in the eighties, when Lydia Mae Faust introduced her award-winning ham-and-cheese pastry. 
Downtown, September 14,

Mad as Hell
As the Lindale-reared Miranda Lambert showed with her album Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, she’s at her best when mad, and after a summer spent deflecting rumors about the state of her marriage to Blake Shelton, she will be primed for this home-state show. 
Gexa Energy Pavilion, September 13,

Shout Out
Art can be an emotional response, and the 23 contemporary artists in the exhibition “Mexico Inside Out: Themes in Art Since 1990” have a lot to react to, including political corruption, drug-war violence, urban overpopulation, a declining economy, and the border wall. 
Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, September 15–January 5, 

In Light Of
“The Light Inside,” one of three James Turrell exhibitions across the nation, draws from the MFAH’s collection of his work—the largest of any museum in America—to present seven “immersive light environments,” which hypnotize with their radiant colors. 
Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, September 1–22,

Wing It
If the sound of a hummingbird’s wings—flapping around eighty times per second—is music to a birder’s ears, then the Xtreme Hummingbird Xtravaganza, where spectators can see thousands of hummingbirds migrating to Mexico, might be like attending a symphony. 
Gulf Coast Bird Observatory, September 14 & 21,