If there’s one thing Texans love more than saying “y’all,” it’s an argument.

TM Daily Post readers on social media were quick to respond to Wednesday’s story about the 15 Texans who faced capital punishment in 2012–not in reaction to their awful crimes, or out of opposition to the death penalty, but because official accounts of their last words by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice spelled “y’all” as “ya’ll” more than a dozen times.

As Chuck Matula’s post said

Texas put 15 men to death in 2012, more than every other state in the union. Here are the accounts of their crimes and their last words, according to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (which, as some of our Facebook readers were quick to gripe, needs to work on its spelling of “y’all”).

The Facebook thread in question:

Which eventually spread to Twitter too. Below, via Storify, a recap of that conversation.

Naturally, we gave The Texanist the last word, though Garner’s Modern American Usage author Bryan Garner also joined the fray.

And there y’all have it. Anybody up for an ice cold Dr. Dr Pepper?