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Marcy Wentworth’s Letter to Jackie Kennedy

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Sixteen-year-old Marcy Wentworth, of Austin, wrote to former first lady Jackie Kennedy three days after the president was shot. She and several friends at her high school had formed the Youth for Kennedy-Johnson committee.
Photograph by Johnny Miller

5509 Dalwood Drive
Austin, Texas 78723
November 25, 1963

Dear Mrs. Kennedy,

There are no words in any language to express truly our grief and the sympathy we wish to extend to you and your family on the death of your husband, the President – our President. We Texans pride ourselves in our state, and that such a perverted act could happen here doubles the weight of grief in our hearts. We in the organization have our own personal sorrows, too, for we hold a seemingly stronger bond to Mr. Kennedy than others.

Here in Texas – here in our city the sunsets are blood red and the streets flow with tears. The only sound heard is that of crystal silence, rippled occasionally by a single bell that tolls a solemn requiem for our President John F. Kennedy. Our prayers are with you, your small children, and the other members of your family, and also the deepest hope that somewhere in your private heart you can find that enabling you to forgive the twisted mind, to forgive Texas, and to forgive us, the nation.

In deepest sympathy,
The Youth for Kennedy-Johnson
Marcy Wentworth,
Deputy Corresponding Secy.

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