Matthew McConaughey was on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno Tuesday to promote Magic Mike, the Steven-Soderbergh-directed movie about male strippers, and a few fans will be disappointed that he showed up in more clothes than he usually wears when playing a John Grisham lawyer.

Perhaps that’s because McConaughey’s character, Dallas (so named, we presume, because he hails from Brooklyn), is a former stripper. But–SPOILER ALERT–it’s possible the plot of the movie unfolds in such way that his character, who owns the male stripper venue featured in the movie, comes out of retirement. 

McConaughey’s first segment with Leno is something you might sooner expect from Kathie Lee and Hoda on Today, as he gives the full scoop on his recent wedding to Camila Alves, from the Christmastime proposal to the luxury air-conditioned tents that were provided for their weekend guests.

He also reveals that Mike Leach gave the couple what is obviously the former Texas Tech coach’s trademark gift: a sword.

Watch the first segment:

In segment two, Leno and McConaughey discuss Magic Mike.

“He’s a capitalist, he’s a poet and he’s a mad man, he’s a mix of sort of a Jim Morrison and a little bit of A Clockwork Orange,” McConaughey says of his character. “He was a hell of a lot of fun to play.”

Then, at last, they discuss shirtlessness, McConaughey tells his best “manscaping” story and there are several Leno-quality double entendres.

It also turns out–one more SPOILER ALERT–that there’s a bongos scene in Magic Mike.

Watch the second segment here: