Famous Texans are always making headlines. For the latest scoop on our home-grown celebs, we bring you Own Stars, a TM Daily Post regular feature. 

Larry Hagman Eats Plants and Wants Someday to be a Plant for People to Eat
Following a liver transplant in 1985, Larry Hagman swore off booze, and after being told in October that he has cancer, he has also given up meat.

“The first thing I did when I was diagnosed was to turn vegan,” Hagman, who will reprise the role of J.R. Ewing in the new “Dallas” TV series this summer, told Caroline Graham of the Daily Mail. “Now I live on fresh vegetable drinks which taste like c**p but which I firmly believe have helped me get through this thing.”

The prognosis for eighty-year-old Hagman is good, which means the select group of, stoners waiting to “eat a little of Larry” when he dies—a wish Hagman divulges in this psychedelic interview with the New York Times Magazine—will have to keep waiting.

The One Thing Keeping LeAnn Rimes from Shedding Her Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Bikini 
“LeAnn can’t go a week without posing for pictures that look like they came straight out of Horse Fancy’s swimsuit edition,” sniped Michael K in Dlisted about singer LeAnn Rimes’ latest case of serial flaunting.

But you don’t let the Daily Mail get its hands on this many butt shots (the one of Rimes playing what looks to be bocce is especially NSFW) unless you are starving for attention. It prompted one of Rimes’ Twitter followers, @DOBBIE1221, to suggest to Hugh Hefner that he “get on that.” Rimes replied, saying she’s been approached before, but the guilt would be too much.

Dennis Quaid, the Prodigal Son, Returns
Though Dennis Quaid said he is moving back to Texas to be closer to family, as the Los Angeles Times reported, it’s becoming apparent that he may be doing it to sate his boyhood fantasies.

Last Sunday, he relived his Any Given Sunday days by taking part in the coin toss at the Houston Texans playoff game. Before that, he played one of Austin’s most prized guitars at the Continental Club, according to Continental Confidential, and jammed with the Gourds on “Gin and Juice” at Willie Nelson’s New Year’s show at ACL Live. “We inherited Ray Price’s green room once he’d split,” Kevin Russell of the Gourds wrote on the band’s blog. “The iconic crooner left his Pomade in the bathroom. Dennis followed Jimmy’s lead massaging a token dab into the scalp before we took the stage.”

Jim Parsons Does Spiderman Squats After Being Nominated Texan of the Year 
Texas Monthly executive editor Mimi Swartz, writing in the Dallas Morning News, tapped Jim Parsons, the geeky Dr. Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory, as her 2011 Texan of the Year. He is “a cross between PeeWee Herman and Jack Benny, with better comic timing than both combined,” she writes.

Parsons has not let beating out Alec Baldwin and Steve Carell for Emmys in back-to-back years get to his head. Or he would have never guest-hosted Live! with Kelly, where he had to put up with “Spiderman squats” and Kelly Ripa’s me-me-me dressing-room session.

“Keep it Awesome” Gary Busey Tells Potential Kia Owners 
Of course Gary Busey, who is increasingly certifiable since his motorcycle wreck in 1988, is going to get ribbed for doing commercials for Kia car dealerships. “Whether it’s making scary faces so intense he strains his neck, saluting veterans in a shirt from the Lee Greenwood collection or announcing he’s moving to a community after meeting ‘the party patrol,’ Busey’s random intensity makes these spots essential viewing,” wrote Justin Hyde in Yahoo’s Motoramic column (includes video of Busey schlepping).

The commercials have apparently been around for months, but have only surfaced in the wake of Busey’s appearance last week on Celebrity Wife Swap, the highlights of which are hilariously summarized by Uproxx