Matthew Feldman is a self-confessed multitasker, a skill he put to the test when he decided to combine his love of juggling and his passion for running. 

“I enjoy doing both of them, and doing both takes a lot of time,” Feldman said in the above video. “So I put them together.”

This past Friday, Feldman, a Rice University researcher in nanomaterials and University of Florida student, broke the Guiness world record for the fastest mile while juggling five objects with a time of 6 minutes and 33 seconds. Previously, the record had been 7 minutes and 41 seconds, set 23 years ago by Bill Gellen.

“6:33 isn’t my personal best time,” said Feldman, who claims his best personal time is 6:27. “But I feel good about getting the attempt done and obtaining the record.” 

Feldman’s joggling, which is part of his everyday routine, is also part of his campaign to raise money for tsunami-ravaged Isatomae in Japan. In March of last year, Japan was hit by a devastating tsunami, and according to Feldman’s website, the citizens of Isatomae are still suffering.

“The lack of morale, motivation, and manpower in the town has prevented residents from being able to rebuild much of what was destroyed,” Feldman wrote. So he set about promoting the world record attempt and encouraging donations for the people of Isatomae, an area he had visited earlier this summer. His efforts have so far have raised just under a fifth of his goal of $2,500.

“Every cause needs publicity, and I’m hoping that this record attempt will give me the publicity I need to raise awareness for the residents in Japan,” Feldman said.

Watch him perform this feat in the below: