Read Paul Moran’s essay, “Finding John Updike” here.

The back of John Updike’s White House invitation.

Updike’s reading glasses, dusted in psoriasis flakes.

Updike, the photographer, with his Nikon camera.

Updike’s wife responds to his story “The Apparition.”

Updike’s photographs from the landmarks of his childhood.

Updike’s 1953 Harvard Lampoon cover that I gave to author Ian McEwan after his reading at the Harry Ransom Center in Austin.

The perils of being famous.

The Life photograph that didn’t make it (the editors published one where he was smiling).

Coffee break suggestion.

Trying to avoid another literary feud.

Pill bottles: Benzos, antibiotics, and perks.

Casual, yet jaunty.

The passage of a life measured out in checks.

Paul Moran, the Catcher Off the Rye.