In the March issue of TEXAS MONTHLY, Brian D. Sweany gave us the Dublin Dr Pepper obituary (subscriber-only). Now, as Robert Wilonsky of the Dallas Observer‘s Unfair Park reported, there’s going to be a Dublin Dr Pepper movie.

Dallas-based director Don Merritt originally planned to make a documentary about iconic little Texas businesses, including not only Dublin Dr Pepper, but also Shiner Bock and Blue Bell. Then he ended up capturing footage of the soda’s final bottling on the very day the company now known as Dublin Bottling Works settled its legal dispute with the Dr Pepper Snapple Group.

“On the spot Merritt dropped his film about small, successful Texas businesses and began making a new one: the death of a small, successful Texas business, at least as it had existed for more than a century,” wrote Wilonsky. 

Yesterday, Merritt launched an IndieGoGo fundraising campaign, which is looking to raise between $46,000 and $65,000 by April 2 to help pay for forty days of shooting and six to eight weeks of post-production for his documentary Bottled Up. Merritt promises the crew will not stay at the Hilton, “but rather motels with shared rooms (and shared snoring).”

To drum up interest, he’s put together the following trailer (or “sizzle reel”):

Among the rewards for donating on IndieGoGo are: a thank you on the Bottled Up website for a $10 donation; a thank you in the movie’s closing credits for $25; a ticket to the world premiere and after-party for $500; or, for anyone who’s flush enough (or loves the drink enough), a $15,000 donation gets a case of Dublin Dr Pepper and an “Executive Producer” credit.

Our favorite though, is what’s provided for a $50 contribution:

Send us a 3 minute video and let the world know your opinion on this topic! Tape your best rant and your video will be featured on the “Bottled Up” website and potentially used in the feature film!

If the social media and Internet reaction to the news of Dublin Dr Pepper’s demise is anything to go by, Merritt should be able to find 1,000 people to contribute rants and $50K in no time.