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Jordan French, the Landlord Who Demolished the East Austin Piñata Shop, Has Been Forced to Resign From the Company He Started

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The destruction of Jumpolin, the East Austin piñata shop that was demolished overnight last month, continues to make waves. The story blew up to national proportions shortly after the Lejarazu family, which owned the shop, first found the ruins of their store on the corner at which it had previously resided. The building had been bought by Jordan French and Darius Fisher of F&F Real Estate Ventures, two Austin entrepreneurs with both real estate holdings and tech industry businesses, who had the building demolished despite the fact that three years remained on Jumpolin’s lease.

French quickly became the face of the PR counteroffensive launched by F&F, insisting that the family was delinquent on their rent (the Lejarazus later released video of themselves paying their rent, a precaution that the Austin Chronicle reports they took after F&F had claimed they were in default). French also insinuated that the Jumpolin owners may have been selling drugs on the premises and gave a bizarre interview in which he compared the business owners to cockroaches.

And then on Thursday, his position as CEO of Status Labs, the SEO and reputation-management company he co-founded, was terminated. According to a press release from Status Labs media director Sarah Pendley: 

Status Labs announces that Jordan French has resigned as Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately, and will no longer be involved in the operation of the business.

The company’s employees asked French to resign after reviewing actions taken outside of his role at Status Labs that do not represent the values of the company.

Status Labs’ employees have chosen to demonstrate their commitment to the Austin community by regularly volunteering as a company at Austin nonprofits. The first volunteer outing will be serving members of Austin’s homeless community at Caritas on March 30th, 2015.

While no replacement for French has been named, Status Labs is currently reviewing candidates for the role.

In an open letter posted on the company’s website, the company’s employees stated that, “While our former CEO’s inexcusable actions were performed outside of his role at Status Labs, we would still like to extend our sincere regrets and apologies to the Lejarazu family and to our fellow Austinites. We feel that the actions taken and the insensitive comments made by Jordan were way out of line with our values and beliefs.”

We stand by our New York City-based president, Darius Fisher, who, as a passive investor in F&F Real Estate Ventures, was unaware of the extreme measures Jordan enacted in his effort to evict Jumpolin.”

It appeared, after the destruction of Jumpolin, that the demolition was scheduled in order to facilitate a SXSW day party. That backfired quickly. After community activists made sure that the party’s sponsor, New York-based party planning service Splash, knew the circumstances under which the lot had become available to them, Splash relocated the event to a different lot near the Austin Convention Center. 

Still, the fact that French has been forced out of the company that he helped create, a company where he served as CEO, is a major development here—and it appears indicative of a shift in the power balance between community activists and those that are quickly replacing the longtime residents of East Austin. The fact is, few involved in companies accused of being bad neighbors in gentrifying communities have faced consequences for misbehavior. That his resignation accompanies an announcement from Status Labs about their company-wide participation in volunteer days for local nonprofits is similarly encouraging: it’s possible for new business and companies to be good neighbors and positive members of the communities they’re entering, and we can only hope that Status Labs sets an example for others. 

(Image via Flickr)

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  • Riza


  • G. David

    Seems kind of odd that the company claims to regularly volunteer, then subsequently announces that their first volunteer effort is forthcoming. Semantics I guess, but hopefully it does become a regular thing. Nice to see a d-bag get what’s coming.

    • No, they said their employees regularly volunteer. That does not mean that the company had actively organized it before. They are now organizing such community involvement as a company activity, because their employees want them to, most likely because the employees want to distance the whole company from the image of their asshole co-founder.

  • Anonymous

    Gentrification… excuse me.. THE IMPROVEMENT OF NEIGHBORHOODS needs to continue at all cost. East Austin looks the best it has in over 40 years. If you can no longer afford your area due to market forces… thats just too bad. Deal with it like the rest of us do. I live in Houston and the neighborhood improvement that has happened in this City is nothing short of miraculous. There are places here that look better than they have in 80 years (The Heights). I remember visiting HOU when i was little and never thought i would live here. Since 1995-2000 this City has been transformed into the, if not one of the nicest major cities in Texas.. replacing Dallas and San Antonio… one could argue nicer than Austin as well. Here’s one: Quit complaining, pull yourself up by your bootstraps and work hard. Believe it or not, that philosophy still works. Then again, I am talking about looney bag liberal Austin.. lol. What a shame a city like that cannot get its act together…

    • orlando

      this is not improvement of neighborhood. just some NY cashing in and destroying a Hard Working business. after this NY cashed out, then your new improvement is an empty lot.

    • nrojb

      They could afford it. they paid their rent. You didn’t read the article.

    • Edmund Edmonds

      | needs to continue at all cost
      No it doesn’t. And clearly it won’t. When the costs are deemed too high–as they were in this case–people will react against them. Deal with it without whining.

    • nope

      Gross. The things you like about the redeveloped areas of Houston make vibrant and distinct neighborhoods look like Pleasantville aka the Woodlands aka artificial. F that.

    • Rex Thorne

      I can’t tell if this intended to be parody of the deranged Conservatives, or if you’re actually this nuts.

      • Danny Johnson

        If they want to use Houston as a role model, they’re that nuts.

    • Noëlle

      You understand that “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” is a joke from a Baron Munchausen story and that it’s literally impossible, right?

      • greg

        LOL. 10/10 comment

      • BenjReed

        To “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” is an American idiom. Munchausen got himself (and his horse) out of a swamp by pulling on his own hair.

    • Nguyễn Huỳnh Ngọc Diễm

      >>East Austin looks the best it has in over 40 years.

      Gotta disagree here, it was far more picturesque before the white folks brought their bulldozers in.

    • Jack McKenzie

      I’d rather look at a pinata store than a fern bar.

    • Sam

      Oh please enlighten us about what pulling yourself up by your bootstraps and work hard means. Many people don’t have mommy and daddy to put them through college, or even have the right connections. Get of your high horse and stop pretending like anyone that is low-income does not work hard. I have to work full-time and go to school full-time, yet I barely have enough money for myself, let alone make investments to get create wealth. The data speaks for itself, for every success story you have about a person that started out with nothing and getting rich, you have a million more stories of people never getting out of the poverty line. Educate yourself.

      • Danny Johnson

        Don’t Houstonize Austin. keep Austin weird.

    • Gögi Gonzales

      You’re a complete douche bag. You realize that the subjects of this article did exactly what you said and yet, still, due to “gentrification”, had their lives ruined…right?

      Sometimes people work hard and pay their rent and still don’t have enough money to get by… But you’re completely right… I needed more shitty bar options full of annoying college kids willing to pay 12$ for a 7&7 on the east side. Oh, or 2k a month apartment options. THAT’S somehow an improvement. Fact is, Austin does not have the job growth or infrastructure growth and management to support the population boom we have.

      So let’s tear down lower income family’s homes and businesses.

    • austin frustrated

      ….. Do you even see what you’re saying? For one, you clearly didn’t read the article. For another, the ‘gentrification’ also involves corporate bigwigs and the wealthy moving here in such great numbers that it drives prices up astronomically, resulting in families that have lived here for decades being forced out and becoming homeless. ‘Pull yourself up by your bootstraps and work harder’ is an absolutely repulsive and callous response to this problem, and you should be absolutely ashamed of yourself.
      ‘Looney bag’ liberal Austin does MUCH better without assholes like you that bulldoze communities and laugh as they try to recover. ‘Conservative’ is just another term for asshole these days.

    • Danny Johnson

      Austin is not and does not want to be Houston, Dallas. San Antonio or anywhere other than Austin.

    • ATXT3ch

      it is not improvement if it actually comes at all cost.

    • MMM

      Oh, look! It’s a typical Austin “progressive”.

    • Heather Coran

      Your most important statement was “i live in Houston”. I grew up in Austin and have also lived in Houston. (5yrs) Our dogma is different. Houston is self absorbed. Ect. We will not just roll over and let our poorest residents and some of our most loved establishments be paved over. It is just not how we do things here. Austin is not Houston in that we actually give a Shit. And btw. The neighborhoods aren’t better. And bullying people and using illegal means to get your way is never ok. And that is exactly what is happening. Improvement is great but I say improvement at the cost of residents livelyhoods is not an improvement for Austin. But only one for big business.

    • Joy

      I think “Anonymous” is Mr. French or a close cousin 😉

  • Everdeen

    I get it Jumpolin got screwed…But let’s pay no attention to the fact that more than half the pinatas in the picture are clearly copyright infringements.

    Cookie Monster

    Just in the picture! If I create items with those characters and sell them I’m in violation….Same goes for pinatas.

    Technically, selling unlicensed character anything (pinatas included) is illegal and violating someone else’s rights to control the character they own and profits from it. I’m not saying it makes tearing down the business right. But what I’m saying is theft is theft and breaking the law is breaking the law. There is no way Jumpolin had or has permission from any of the holders of those copyrights to produce pinatas with those characters.

    So before everyone gets all uppity about this maybe lets consider that most businesses have to follow rules and laws. You want the landlord held accountable? Then you should want the same for Jumpolin. How much money do they owe for all the unlicensed products they sold? Where is the out cry for them to pay restitution for their theft? Because of gentrification on the east side they get a pass? Because they are “the little guy” and not a corporation? Because they are Hispanic and the landlords are not? Right is right and wrong is wrong. You don’t get to have it both ways.

    So why should we be up in arms about thieves losing their illegal business?

    • anoynmous

      so it automatically makes it okay for them to demolish their business? you’re missing the entire point. it wouldn’t have made an ounce of a difference if they were selling anything else on the premises.

      • Everdeen

        That is not what I said. You need to read what I wrote not what you want to see.

        To point out my own words:

        “I get it Jumpolin got screwed”

        “I’m not saying it makes tearing down the business right.”

        If they were selling something else( cars, tacos, candy, whatever) LEGALLY I might be more sympathetic.

        Not to mention if this entire incident wasn’t framed as racist or gentrification nobody would give a care. Which I’m not going to deny this entire incident is deeply rooted in the gentrification drama of the East Side of Austin. It makes for a great story and gets web traffic and clicks because its is easy to vilify the white folks that tore down a business that some poor hard working Hispanics were running.

        But I for one, am not going to go on and on in defense of people that themselves hold no respect for other’s property which in this case is copyrights.

        They had a business based on the use of characters they had no right to reproduce. Which is itself illegal. Maybe that was only half their business but its is illegal just the same.

        If Texas Monthly could have attached a picture with nothing but traditional pinatas I might not have even commented. But if just any random picture of Jumpolin has that many characters that are clearly corporately owned….My sympathy is greatly diminished.

        From my perspective basically two sets of thieves tangled and now both have lost.

        • American_Badass_1978

          OMG, I totally agree with you, thieves! piñatas are an American mainstay and for someone to mock our traditions by selling counterfeit characters is a travesty. I’m surprised the building wasn’t destroyed earlier. Shame on Austin, TX for knowingly allowing these people to take money out of Disney’s pockets for their own gain. I wish you could have been with me last Halloween when I called the local police and the law firm representing Disney after I found out a group of parents/teachers in my hometown had been crafting homemade costumes based on superheroes/Disney characters for their children. This not only teaches kids that it’s okay to steal licensed property, but that it’s somehow better to make your own than support the economy and purchase a costume from a local store like Wal-Mart or Target (we have both in our town and they seriously have EVERYTHING, so why shop anywhere else or support this whole hippy DIY thing that’s been getting popular the last few years, lol). Not only did they get caught, but were fined and given community service. I felt kind of bad that the children didn’t get to have a Halloween, but it’s more important that they learn a lesson and see what criminal acts will get you. I hope Disney didn’t get hurt too bad financially from these crooks. This is the reason why Disney movies take so long to get released on blu ray, because people try to take advantage of a company that supports families.

          • Jay


          • American_Badass_1978

            I’m ignorant for believing in the laws that make our country the best? or ignorant for agreeing that criminals deserve punishment? You’re one word response is ignorant or else you would have a worthy response. Go vote for Obama and eat your raw diet bull crap. I pray that my children are given a proper education so that they don’t end up sad lonely people like you.

          • American_Fatfuck_1987

            I’m clearly being sarcastic. It’s insane that people really believe a couple selling piñatas should face copyright infringement charges after the fact that their business was destroyed. That’s part of a piñatas appeal, the craftsmanship of interpretation through cardboard, colored tissue paper, glue and staples. If you can make a successful business out of selling piñatas, you deserve success or at least the candy that falls out the new anus that a child tears into the Spoderman piñata you are dangling over their blinded eyes.

          • Danny Johnson

            The above people think that Pinatas should be made in China and sold in Wal Mart.

          • mamatried

            DYING LAUGHING at your response. Great job!

          • Danny Johnson

            If you want your children to have a good education you’d better move to California or a blue state. Texas is cutting education funding except for the christian schools. There’s a reason why Texas schools are rated some of the worst in the nation.

          • Danny Johnson

            Let’s destroy local and mom and pop business for the greater glory of Wal Mart. That thing you feel trickling down isn’t benefits to the community.

          • David

            lol. Love it. Sarcasm detected.

          • StellaTex


          • Everdeen


            I didn’t see any UT Longhorns hanging up. Maybe y’all would care more if you precious UT was being taken advantage of. Because we know UT doesn’t let anyone use their stuff. But whatever.

      • Everdeen

        Wouldn’t it….so lets just sell what ever we want any where.

        You totally aren’t getting my point. I am personally not going to get upset about someone losing a business based off of ripping other people off. That was my point.
        How about people put their “outrage” effort in where it actually matters if you are so worried about gentrification. Because that is what this is really about. But I seem to only see hipsters getting pissed because their rent is going up. I don’t think many people really care about people losing their communities to a bunch of rich white people that aren’t even from Austin.

    • Anon

      You must be blind. Those piñatas are clearly of Dera the Adventurer, Spodermon, Shrunk, Superguy, Doughnut Monster, and Almo. Almost as good as the originals, and clearly not copyright infringements.

      • gonzbot

        you win

      • Danny Johnson

        God forbid that a mom and pop business should dare to infringe on Disney Corporation patents.

      • j_lil


    • AfterSomeThought

      “There is no way Jumpolin had or has permission from any of the holders of those copyrights to produce piñatas with those characters.”

      You know this how? Because you’ve made assumptions based on the fact that they are “the little guy…Hispanics”? You sound a lot like Mr. French, basically asserting that they had it coming.

      If you’ve ever been in these shops, you’ll find plenty of official merchandise, lame piñatas made by Disney that are basically a flat cylinder with stickers on the side showing some scene/key art from the film. The shops dutifully buy and sell them.

      But culturally, the favored piñatas are the ones actually in a shape of the characters. Does Disney (or other major license holders) care about this? No. They would be too expensive to manufacture, so they make cheap stuff that ignores tradition and sue anyone else. You can find a few exceptions, but not many.

      I don’t blame license holders for taking the cheap road, but acting like they are a viable alternative ignores reality. And if these shops buy Disney’s (and others) licensed product and give it a fair shake on the shelves, but also respond to their customers’ actual desires when the license holders won’t, I’m not sure you can call them “thieves.”

      That said, I will make a mental note: it’s OK if someone bulldozes Everdeen’s house to the ground, because you probably were speeding on the highway once and didn’t get caught.

    • Sam

      Ad hominem. You’re basically trying to demean and attack the character of the people by shifting the issue at hand. If they are selling piñatas that are copyright infrigements, well let the holders of those rights deal with them. Doesn’t make what happened right, so in reality your argument is stupid and irrelevant.

      • Rando

        Not ad hominem. Ad hominem very specifically refers to trying to discount a party’s argument by attacking their competency and thus their ability to make such a statement without considering the statement in and of itself. In this case, he’s questioning whether or not they deserve to have the building in the first place, and thus whether it’s worth chasing after whether or not the building was demolished in error.

        If the family had said something like “it’s illegal to do this” and he was discounting the legality based on their sheer incompetence and inability to understand laws or what is or isn’t legal, that would be ad hominem. In this case he’s saying they don’t deserve to have the building because they were of shitty character and that whether someone deserves a building is directly tied to their worthiness as a citizen.

        Is he a moron with bad arguments and no shame? Absolutely. Is he guilty of ad hominem? Afraid not.

    • mendonik

      Everdeen, you’re a fool and talking through your asshat. Copyright infringement is not a crime and never has been. It’s a civil matter, and must be enforced by bringing a civil action (lawsuit) against the alleged infringer. No one can be arrested, jailed or fined for copyright infringement. You’re a self-righteous moron.

      • Everdeen

        Wow, your a real pussy cat there mendonik. Do you kiss your mother with that mouth? I guess I should expect that kind of language on a internet forum. I had hoped to get people to think rationally about what they like to get all upset about. Silly me. I really hope you wouldn’t talk to my face like that. I was really hoping to have a real discussion. For someone that has so much knowledge of the law I would have hoped you could have made an argument without resorting to name calling. Selling counterfeit items can be a criminal offense but whatever you are the expert apparently, if only at name calling.

        • mendonik

          Hey, hang in there, Everdeen. You may eventually finish high school if you keep at it long enough. “That kind of language”? You’re a real prude moron if you think anything I wrote was foul language.

          To be counterfeit, something has to be an imitation of the real thing. No way in hell any of those pinatas were counterfeit, even if they resembled fictional superhero characters, because no one in their right mind would think they were buying a pinata made by Disney, Marvel Comics or any of the other corporations.

          I’ve been a professional photographer for 45 years and have created thousands of copyright images. Knowledge of copyright law is essential in my business. I know a helluva lot more about copyright and trademark law than you do. Violation of copyright is a civil matter, not a criminal one.

          On the other hand, you are exhibiting your ignorance of the law.

    • Danny Johnson

      Well we certainly must strive to never break any laws or infringe on a giant corporation’s rights.

    • David

      You sound like the scumbags arguing that Mike Brown deserved to die because he broke the law. Or that if he hadn’t broken the law (regardless of the facts of the case) he wouldn’t have been in a position to die, so it’s his fault. If you want to argue scale, maybe you should include that into your argument, but basically what I’m reading is that nobody who breaks the law should ever receive compassion or the benefit of common sense. Also sounds like you believe corporations are people. I can’t argue with you on that point, that’s your belief, I believe different.

      • Everdeen

        I’m not saying anyone “deserved” anything. But what I am saying is people sure do like to pick and choose who is right and wrong and who is a criminal and who isn’t based on their pet “injustices”. Gentrification being a big one. I’m a little bit “over it” when the only people I ever hear bitching about gentrification are a bunch of under achieving over educated white people that are just mad that they won’t have a way to get cheap rent anymore. And like to bitch when their fixed gear bikes get stolen from their front porches.

    • ccaffrey

      Are you serious? You really think that Disney cares about this? This is free damn advertising for them and all the things they DO merchandise with those characters. They go after pirated materials and bootleg copies of movies. If they went after something like this is would be a public relations nightmare. THEY at least are smart enough to know that. You may be the one that is tangled in letter of financial contracts and law so much that you can’t even see the trees much less the forest.

      • ccaffrey

        Let me know if you’re going to be cruising around neighborhoods making “citizens’ arrests” on this…so I can bring a film crew. Should make a GREAT entry for next year’s SXSW film fest don’t you think?

      • Everdeen

        I know Disney cares about this. People get stores shut down on Etsy.com regularly for similar infringement of craft items.

    • NealK

      Ignore. One of Jordan French’s paid trolls, if not French himself. This guy was all over CultureMap’s comment section in February under a different user name.

  • Bobbers

    If he is still receiving any income at all, or if he has even a token board position with either company, I wouldn’t do business with them.

  • He mishandled an interaction with a local business and made his company look terrible. And rather than do any measure of damage control (a hallmark of the PR industry), he just fanned the flames a bit and caused a full-fledged shitstorm to erupt. Is anyone really surprised that he got canned?

  • Nathaniel Donaghy

    Not gonna be happy until he’s fucking bankrupt

  • Al

    The funny thing is that he probably would have gotten away with it if he didn’t lie about the rent and degrade the people publicly. There was probably some language in the contract that would have allowed him to tell them to leave because the land was being converted for other use, if he gave them fair notice, probably 60-90 days to give them time to make arrangements. But no, he had to be a scumbag about it, and he paid for being an idiot. Probably was an entitled rich kid, who started his company right out of college with mommy and daddy’s money and thought he could do whatever he wanted.
    I understand the need to clean up some neighborhoods, but this is not the way to do it. You do it by getting rid of the low lifes, the people who don’t contribute to the community, not the hard working people who have to stay there because that’s all they can afford. When you start cleaning it up, you have to keep thsoe people, remember why they’re there and do your best to accomodate them in that better environment too, and not just make it about condos and boutique stores.
    Learn from Chicago, who decided to just completely shut down Cabrini Green, one of the largest housing projects in the country, in order to build million dollar condos. They all have to go somewhere. You may have “cleaned up ” the neighborhood, but you didn’t help your city, because all they could do (the good ones, the bad ones, and the indifferent ones) was pack themselves into the next low rent communitythat already had it’s own issues, and make it worse for everyone involved. It’s like a kid who cleans his room by pushing everything under the bed. You didn’t actually clean it, you just hid the mess somewhere else.

  • Spacebook McGirt

    Darius Fisher is just as much to blame as French, since he is the other half of F&F Real Estate after all.

  • Dan Gutierrez

    Was there candy inside?

  • If yall want to support the Lejarazus, I’ve set up a page at gofundme.com/pinatas. We’re also having a fundraiser at Cenote cafe on the east side this Saturday, March 28th 12-4pm

  • Joe Cooper

    This is formerly the company known as Wiki-PR, whose product was whitewashing Wikipedia articles to cover up unpleasant facts about their corporate clients. In that role, they operated hundreds of fake accounts, and were repeatedly banned and called out for making edits that violated Wikipedia guidelines. Fisher was also a co-owner/co-founder of Wiki-PR, so I’m not buying the argument that he is some kind of good guy.

    These are awful people who do awful things for profit.

    • NealK

      Agreed. Other than the admin people, the now-sainted employees are very much a part of this company’s scumbaggery. Note the self-serving attempt to wall off Darius Fisher in their “open letter” and in the subsequent PR statement.

  • Jimmy Rogers

    That is why you never have committee boards for a company you started. If you are the boss. That is it… That way no one can fire you.. If you are a dirt bag,,, Then you get what’s coming to you..

  • Luis M.

    The article reads like a press release.

    • PepsiNext

      Uh, press releases usually promote a company, not report their misbehavior.

  • Spell Check


  • Lbg

    They volunteer for a month, everyone forgets, and the cycle starts anew.

  • Doo Dah Man

    Every single one of those sammich names falls under Fair Use doctrine under US Copyright law.

    No infringement whatsoever.

    Makes perfect sense that their business be destroyed by their landlord as result.

  • Delwingoss

    Sergio Lejarazu is portrayed as some sort of working class hero.
    This writer as well as others completely ignore that just a few
    months earlier Mr. Lejarazu was caught up in a police sting buying stolen
    merchandise. Hey Sergio! Great example
    your setting for the neighborhood’s families and their children!

    My point being; Mr Lejarazu is not exactly the neighborhood hero some
    people are playing him off to be ; that is unless the neighborhood looks up to
    people who traffic in stolen merchandise.
    And having said that; the new owners of the
    property aren’t exactly sterling citizens either with their business model of
    misleading people on the Internet using “sock puppet” accounts. This is just one
    of those situations in which neither party has a reputation for honesty or
    integrity. If you read the police
    report Mr Lejarazu was told numerous times by the police informant that the
    informant used bolt cutters to cut the cables so he could take the bicycles. APD
    set up that sting based on previous information regarding the trafficking of
    stolen merchandise .

    I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed but if some one takes me to a
    storage unit location and tells me the bicycles in the storage unit were cut
    loose with a bolt cutter?. Must be something in it for
    them though I’m not sure what that would be? Matbe if they raise enough money Mr Lejarzu can quit trafficking stolen merchandise? I hope the attorney’s for both
    parties make a lot of money off of this situation . They both deserve it. I have
    to wonder why the whole story isn’t being told? Ain’t Karma a bitch?

    days in the Travis County Jail

    his case number. Call the Travis County District Clerk 512-854-9420 to verify
    the status of the case and his conviction



    • NealK

      Yes yes, you were all over the CultureMap Austin comment section in February, pushing out a similar story. Good luck to you.

  • Jeff Deats

    Y’all should do some background research here. I think Facebook’s suggested articles did better.

  • Alex Cherry

    If I break a lease, I have to pay out the remaining value in the contract. If your landlord breaks his, shouldn’t he have to pay out the remaining value to you?

  • trueroxfan

    Shouldn’t the family be able to sue? They hadn’t defaulted on their contractual agreement, but clearly F&F did…had their lease been up, or had they not paid rent, I guess they would have no recourse…but surely they have options if they were current on their lease and had 3 years remaining.

  • NealK

    Sorry, I am not impressed. The “open letter” allegedly from the employees sounds like it was written by a PR person, especially the attempt to wall off Darius Fisher. Remember, this company (and by extension, its employees) are in the business of “reputation management”, which in the case of this company and its affiliates includes such sleazy practices as sock-puppeting comment sections like this one and making stealth edits to Wikipedia pages. Just look at the comments to the Austin CultureMap articles in February. There is one commenter who constantly pushes out a story that the Lejarazus sold stolen bikes, including his own (police have made no such allegations). It is clear that (1) this commenter is either Jordan French or one of his associates or paid trolls, and (2) the repetitive nature of the comments is intended as a kind of SEO tactic to build up French and his (former) company and to tear down the Lejarazus.

  • Wambli Padilla

    The firing of Jordan French as CEO is just a PR stunt. He stills owns half of the company, along with president Darius Fisher. The two partners have been involved in a number of high-profile fiascoes, including paid, biased editing of wikipedia entries to benefit their clients (against wikipedia rules)