In these uncertain times, there are still things you can count on: Bun B. Coach Pop. The guitar riff in “La Grange.” And, finally, the orange and white stripes of Whataburger beaconing to you from the side of the road.

Of course, because we can’t have nice things, some monster attempted an online hoax to convince the world that Whataburger was closing. Over on—a website that exists solely so people can create prank news headlines that look real when shared on Facebook—somebody posted that “Whataburger announced they will be closing all restaurants as of February 2018.”

So for anyone who skimmed the headline and didn’t click the link to see the giant “You’ve Been Pranked!😂😂😂” along the side of the page, there was a sense of alarm. And the post itself raised several red flags. Even in an age #FakeNews, it’s impossible to imagine that any part of the following could be true:

The CEO of Whataburger Preston Atkinson announced earlier this month that they will be closing the doors at all their restaurants as of February 2018. The fast food chain has been going down hill do [sic] to competition and not being able to get other states to allow them to build restaurants there.

We needn’t get too deep into debunking the rumors, though—Whataburger themselves, keen to make sure that Texans knew what side their chicken biscuits were honey-buttered on, took to Twitter to refute the gag.

Breathe a sigh of relief, then, Whataburger fans (that is to say, Texans). The orange and white remain as solid as ever.