Sneakerheads—the subculture of rabid fans of limited edition athletic shoes—converged on Houston in November for the H-Town Sneaker Summit. Famous artists/rappers/etc design their own sneakers, released in small batches, and the shoes quickly become collectors items.  

KarmaloopTV, the media arm of Boston’s Karmaloop streetwear retailer, took to Houston for the summit, and gave a glimpse into an event that looks a bit like the San Diego Comic Con, but with sneakers. They talk to celebrities—including New York-based designer 40oz Van, whose limited edition snapback baseball hats tend to sell out nearly as soon as they’re released—and the Trill OG himself, Bun B. Bun B explains the laid-back atmosphere of the summit to the host: “We guarantee your safety in this building. There’s no fights. Nobody’s snatching nothing. No sexual assaults. None of that shit—this is Houston. You come to the summit and play like that, you gotta answer to the UGK and the Gladiators. Nobody wants that.” 

From the look of things in the video, everybody’s way too into their sneakers for anything like that to ever even come up.