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Welcome To Internet Fame, Texas State’s Barbie Jeep Lady

A San Marcos student got creative after her license was revoked for suspicion of DWI.

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image via Twitter

If you’re stopped on suspicion of drunk driving in Texas, you’re not required to perform the field sobriety tests the officer who pulls you over asks you to do. You aren’t required to blow into a breathalyzer, either. The state can’t force you to provide evidence it’ll use against you when you’re prosecuted, unless it has a warrant. (During no-refusal weekends, when magistrates are available 24 hours to issue warrants at DWI stops, you can be required to provide a blood sample.) But if you refuse to provide the evidence it requests, the state can automatically suspend your driver’s license through Texas’ Administrative License Revocation Program.

That’s a lesson Texas State University student Tara Monroe earlier this year. As the San Antonio Express-News reports, the industrial engineering junior was stopped on suspicion of DWI after a Waka Flocka Flame show. Monroe refused to take a breathalyzer test, and her license was suspended. Unable to drive—her dad took her car back to her native Kingwood for good measure—Monroe began to look for alternatives.

“Riding a bike around campus sucks,” she told MySA.com. “Like really sucks.”

It didn’t take long for the 5-foot-3, 20-year-old to decide the Barbie girl life was the one for her. After some Craigslist perusing, she found her sweet ride for $60, its previous owner was a little girl named Charlene.

“When we drove up to buy it Charlene asked where the little one was to test drive it to which I replied, ‘I am the little one,’” she said.


Since taking on the 12-volt miniature Jeep, Monroe has become something of an Internet sensation—Gawker’s Sam Biddle all but proposed!


Of course, there are those who are unamused by Monroe’s making-pink-Barbie-lemonade-out-of-DWI-lemons approach to the charges against her. But it’s worth pointing out that the 20-year-old hasn’t been convicted of anything yet; her license was revoked because she refused to perform a breathalyzer test, not because she was driving drunk.

There are good reasons a person who’s been pulled over on suspicion of driving while intoxicated might refuse a breathalyzer—not only because you’re not required to provide evidence against yourself if you’re guilty, but also because the accuracy of the machines has been called into question numerous times over the years, which means that you run a risk of being convicted even if you’re innocent. But the Administrative License Revocation Program kicks in regardless of the driver’s rationale.

So feel free to enjoy Monroe and her pink Barbie Jeep without wringing your hands about what a bad person she must be. DWI is a serious danger, but we don’t know if Monroe was drunk that night or not. What we do know is that the image of her soberly driving a little pink Jeep around campus will live on the Internet forever.


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  • Olitz Fangirl

    I personally think she’s disgusting and pathetic. She’s making a mockery of her punishment. Her parents must be so proud, what a winner they’ve raised. She could’ve seriously hurt or killed others while driving under the influence (yeah I don’t believe for one second she wasn’t drunk &/or high. In addition, she was under age. The only awesome part to this, is because of pathetic fame wh0ring ways and need for attention, is now Tara Monroe will be forever linked to this trash! Her future employers will see just how this woman conducts herself.

    • jeff scott

      Have a Snickers … and a nap.

    • SPURS1980

      I went to Texas State. The cops in San Marcos will (and do) pull people over all the time for absolutely no reason. They have nothing to do but pull students over and see if they can’t bust someone for DUI, no license, anything really. It’s not unthinkable that she was pulled over and not intoxicated.

      • Olitz Fangirl

        Nice try. Graduated from Texas State. Never once was ever pulled over. Then again, while doing more than our fair share of partying, my friends and I didn’t drink/get high and drive. We may have been young and dumb but getting behind the wheel wasn’t our brand of stupid. Also, if SMPD are pulling people over to “see if they can’t bust someone for DUI” then go for it. That’s a good thing. The fewer drunk losers on the road, the better.

        • CHELLE339

          Im guessing that you graduated from texas state sometime in what like the late 90s? Sooo basically like 20 years ago. its hard for you to image that things are different and maybe kids DO get pulled over for nothing, which sure is a great thing to help the safety of others, but SUCKS when you aren’t doing anything wrong? Honestly, I think we should be applauding her being different and thinking outside the box, and also going green at the same time. I don’t see why anyone would get all up in arms about this. id only be pissed if she gets to park that thing without a permit.

          • Shivogg Nogg

            Yeah. All those batteries she’s using up are really great for the environment…

    • b14cx0ut

      Ease up. Your heart health will thank you.

    • GordonShumway

      Pull the stick out of your a$s!

    • Stephen Hill

      You are assuming that she was drunk in the first place. Innocent until proven guilty. not the other way around! Unless your a bible thumper, then rules don’t apply to you.

  • StarCrossedMemories

    Ugh. She outrighted admitted she’s just chasing her 15 min of fame with this. I’m embarrassed to call her a fellow Bobcat.

  • Duel

    I don’t want to fight with anyone here. Seriously. I’d just like to point out that this is a 20 year old girl not convicted of anything. AND, she is so committed to getting to class that she’s riding a Power Wheels Jeep. How many of us out there didn’t show up for class because the shirt we were going to wear was dirty? Any flimsy excuse would do in a pinch. That’s the commitment that I think future employers and peers in her life will see. I see a girl that may or may not have made a mistake one night, hurt no one, and now regardless of that wants to make sure she has a solid future, no mater what it takes. The internet fame is just college fun and the times we live in.

    • vippy

      Oh geez, like we did do nothing stupid when young. Get real! Today, people are like. Sheep and jump on a bandwagon quickly and everyone is guilty before proven guilty, just look at the biker mess in Waco! The police there really screwed up and now claim the testing of bullets is inconclusive, which means the police pulled up and started to shoot and shot 9 people dead.

  • Ginger Slayer

    Laughed so damn hard. lost it when I saw the picture of the jeep in a parking spot. Bahaha.

  • Michael Rosenblatt

    She is laughing her head off. As all you insult her, she is an internet – 15 minutes of fame/damn got-em good!! – sensation. Im impressed!!

  • Junior Mint

    Cue the porn offer in 3…2…

  • Robin Voiles

    ” . . . refusing to take a breath test for alcohol is against
    the law based on the principle of implied consent, which states that by
    operating a vehicle you are consenting to allow the state to test you
    for alcohol.” “Barbie” signed a contract with the State of TX when she got her DL. She violated that contract by refusing to take the breath test. She is 100% self-centered, which is evidenced further by her parking job, which was most likely staged for the photo. If I were to come across the Barbie car parked in a space that I needed for my real car, I would either toss the pink one aside or I would park on top of it. The satisfaction would be worth way more than the $60.00 I would most likely have to pay her if she is willing to use the law when it works in her favor. I betting the ranch that she would. (Source: http://texas.drivinguniversity.com/dwi-dui/sobriety-tests)

    • Joe Blow

      So if I got an out of state DL I didn’t give consent.

      Good to know.

  • Shari Dua

    Geez, some of you are so hard on her; she’s just starting out in life – give her a break. Hey, with all the traumatic news bombarding us on a daily basis, I find her personality rather charming. She’s got a great sense of humor too. Do you think it’s easy for a 20 year old to share publicly why she is really driving her Barbie car? She didn’t know her story would go viral. So she has garnished some fame; this young lady has a terrific sense of humor and obviously a cheerful outlook on life – she didn’t kill anybody; she’s learning a lesson I’m sure – hopefully she stays safe!

    • she knew it would go viral, or at least had a good idea. i’m not angry or anything, but there’s no question. it really could be a marketing thing, it’s such obvious virus-bait.

      • GibsonGirl99

        Maybe she’s in the wrong major!