The new University of Texas campus in the Rio Grande Valley will begin classes in the fall of 2015, but before the mega-campus can replace the two existing schools in the UT system currently located on that part of the border—UT-Brownsville and UT-Pan American—it’ll need a name. That’s something that the UT System, through “Project South Texas,” is trying to decide on right now. 

In a video released on YouTube on Monday, they floated a few ideas for both names and logos. The list features names that point to that international scale, while also highlighting the potential unfortunate acronyms that the school should be aware of (anyone who’s had a urinary tract infection will probably not be psyched to tell people that they got to the University of Texas-International). Here’s the list that was initially floated: 

University of Texas for the Americas

University of Texas-Las Americas

University of Texas-International

University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley

University of Texas South

Most of those names capture the scope of the new school, which expects to draw students from both the South Texas region and from south of the border. With the exception of UT-RGV, none of them make the new school seem like a regional branch campus, which is likely deliberate: The new school is an ambitious project that will attempt to unify three campuses that span over sixty miles, and the name ideas play up the fact that the new university aims to be bigger than either of the current Valley-based UT branch campuses. 

The UT System’s Facebook page solicited input, meanwhile, and an informal scan of the ideas posted there suggests that the more ambitious names aren’t as popular with the people who’ll actually live near the school as one that establishes the regional identity: UT-RGV appears to get the most support thus far, though the acronym might be a bit unwieldy on Fox Southwest college basketball broadcasts. Meanwhile, commenters have dropped their own suggestions on Facebook, including the perhaps-redundant UT-South Texas, the perhaps-misleading UT-Gulf Coast, and the perhaps-hilarious UT-HEB (which pays homage to both Harlingen, Edinburg, and Brownsville and shouts-out the South Texas supermarket chain). 

The final decision is expected before the end of the year, and UT Systems will continue taking suggestions until December 5th. Feel free to share your ideas in the comments.