Marfa may be best known as one of Texas’s premier art destinations, but take a stroll around the center of town and you’ll find artisanal shops that would be standouts in the state’s metro areas. Perusing the beautiful, handcrafted boots, furniture, textiles, and ceramics makes for its own aesthetic experience. Top off the day with a scrumptious dinner and a visit to what might be the greatest liquor store in the state, and you could find yourself coming back to town just to shop.

Cactus Liquors

At Faith Gay and Joey Benton’s liquor store, you can pick up an agave plant along with a good bottle of tequila. The many succulents and other plants for sale surround what might be one of the greatest selections of liquors in the state, including craft spirits and fine wines that are hard to find even in big
cities. Open Mon–Sat; 405 S. Highland Ave

Cobra Rock 

As you consider a pair of desert-chic boots, check out the denim and waxed canvas jackets by the Native American–owned brand Ginew, or ask owners Logan Caldbeck and Colt Miller to show you the on-site workshop, where they make the boots. Open Wed–Sun; 211 S. Dean

Cobra Rock
The new Cobra Rock storefront. Courtesy of Cobra Rock
Garza Marfa
A nook at Garza Marfa. Photograph by Emily Kimbro

Garza Marfa 

Husband-and-wife team Jamey Garza and Constance Holt-Garza present some of their respective crafts—handmade saddle-leather chairs and Andean-inspired textiles—along with artisanal ceramics. Open Wed–Sun; 124 Highland

Wrong Marfa 

The name was the idea of artist Camp Bosworth, who, with his partner Buck Johnston, cofounded the store and gallery that’s guided by their idiosyncratic taste in handcrafted ceramics and jewelry as well as books
and art. Open daily; 110 Highland

Margaret's In Marfa
The cheddar tuna melt at Margaret’s In Marfa.Ada Smith/Courtesy of Margaret’s In Marfa


After a day of shopping, refuel with shareable small plates—try the wild boar sausage, the burrata, and the house salad. Then test your generosity with the hot fudge sundae, topped with a small mountain of whipped cream and the requisite cherry. Open Tues–Sat; 103 Highland

This article originally appeared in the April 2022 issue of Texas Monthly with the headline “A Retail Oasis in Marfa.” Subscribe today.