Earlier this week at La Amistad Adult Daycare in Beeville, eighty-year-old Ernesto Garza was enjoying a bacon-and-egg breakfast taco when, to his amazement, he discovered the face of Jesus Christ in his tortilla.

“I ate more than half of my taco, then a fly was flying around,” Garza told the Beeville Bee-Picayune. “So I grabbed the flyswatter, and I hit it, and when I looked down, I saw it.”

In a brown spot on the tortilla was what Garza and several of his friends at La Amistad believe is “the eyes, nose, mouth, mustache” of Jesus. Garza called the sighting “a blessing from God,” something the daycare’s director Angie Rodriguez agreed with.

“I consider it a blessing because it’s unique,” Rodriguez said. “We believe God works in mysterious ways.” Rodriguez claimed that the night before Garza saw the face, she had prayed for a miracle during a time of personal crisis. The face, she said, was that miracle.

Are we approaching a moment when seeing Jesus in objects or foodstuffs is a common occurence? There have been five religious sightings in just the last three years. In 2009, a Dallas couple claimed to have found ‘Cheesus’ — an image of Jesus in Cheeto form. That same year, a Welsh family saw the face in the cap of a container of Marmite. This past June, a woman in Splendora saw Jesus’ face in the mold in her shower. There have also been multiple sightings of Jesus in a tortilla before — including just this past May in New Mexico. But Jesus Christ isn’t the only religious icon to be spoted–the residents of Garden Oaks in Houston saw the Virgin Mary’s face in a tree this past February. 

For the moment, Garza is choosing to keep the taco as-is, wrapped in his refrigerator. “I’m just going to wait and see what happens,” he said.