Welcome to “Read State,” a recurring TM Daily Post feature in which we ask noteworthy Texans—from writers and singers to athletes and politicians—what they’re reading. Today we bring you the reading habits of Liz Lambert, the Austin-based hotelier behind Marfa’s El Cosmico and Austin’s Hotel San José.

{media number=1 align=left}{/media} I almost always start the day by reading the New York Times, the old-fashioned way, at home, with coffee. I often think that I should also read the local paper, but I don’t subscribe, and I never seem to find my way around to it. I also check my Twitter feed in the morning on my iPad or on my phone where I follow a number of news organizations and a variety of magazines and quarterlies, including the Texas Tribune, Texas Monthly, KUT, the Paris Review, McSweeneys, the Huffington Post, Paste, No Depression, the Austin American-Statesman (I guess that’s close enough to taking the local paper), Wired, Laura Flanders, and the New Yorker. I also follow a number of industry specific feeds—Tablet Hotels, Ace Hotel, Lonely Planet, Chip Conley, and more.

I love to read David Carr of the NYT, Manohla Dargis of the NYT, John Spong from Texas Monthly, and I very much enjoyed Christopher Hitchens, regularly in Vanity Fair, God rest his soul. I am sure there are more, but those are the ones that immediately come to mind.

I read some blogs—more accurately, I should say that I look at some blogs because the ones I go back to time and again are design or visually driven. I look at Apartment Therapy and Design Sponge, but also A Continuous Lean, One Trip Pass, and The Selby.  I enjoy looking through farm + house + table, the weekly blog of Farmhouse Delivery, our local produce delivery service, for inspired recipes and general vegetable advice.

I read books on both my iPad and in print. Just finished reading Drug Lord: The Life & Death of a Mexican Kingpin, by Terrance Poppa, and started Moby Dick, a book I’ve always wanted to read but haven’t. Wish me luck.

I read all kinds of magazines. I buy lots of shelter and design mags—Marie Claire, foreign versions of Elle Décor, Wallpaper, and World of Interiors. I subscribe to the New Yorker. If traveling, I buy Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, MoJo, and whatever looks interesting on the stand. I usually pick up the Austin Chronicle at some time during the week and go through the whole thing.

Finally, I read poetry. Almost always in print. Often in the evening. The Collected Poems of William Carlos Wiliams, Volume II, 1939-1962, is what is on my desk right now.