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Congressman Michael C. Burgess.
Congressman Michael C. Burgess on Balancing Public Health and the Economy

May 29, 2020 By Andy Langer

Texas congressman Michael C. Burgess says he remembers initially hearing about the novel coronavirus that would become classified as COVID-19 right around January 22, when China shut down public transportation in Wuhan and prohibited residents from leaving the city. Burgess—who represents Texas’s Twenty-sixth district, which includes the majority of Denton County and parts of Tarrant County—is the House of Representatives’ senior medical doctor, so he says he took a particular… Read Story


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The Legend of John Holmes Jenkins

Feb 19, 2020 By Chris O'Connell

He was a notorious deal maker known for bringing priceless pieces of Texas history back to the state. He was also a suspected forger and arsonist. Thirty years ago, he was found dead in the Colorado River near Austin, and to this day a question remains: Could John Holmes Jenkins have masterminded his own death?

A close-up of Nelson and Trigger in November 2011.
Trigger: The Life of Willie Nelson’s Guitar

By Michael Hall

Most guitars don’t have names. This one has a voice and a personality, and bears a striking resemblance to his owner.

Issue: December 2012

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