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2018’s 10 Best New Restaurants in Texas

Feb 19, 2018 By Patricia Sharpe

There will be steaks—that’s a given. And Mexican food. And Gulf seafood. But our annual roundup of the ten best new restaurants in Texas contains surprises too, including a place with a Canadian chef, as well as a Japanese-Texan mash-up that almost defies description. I’ve been putting together this list since 2002, and I can’t remember a year that included two such distinct outliers. For this, the seventeenth edition, the… Read Story

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Silicone City

Aug 6, 1995 By Mimi Swartz

From invention to litigation, the breast implant has done more for Houston’s economy—and its psyche—than anything since oil.

Dr. Evil

Aug 31, 2005 By S. C. Gwynne

By almost any measure of performance, including the sheer number of patients who are crippled and maimed, the medical profession has rarely seen anyone like Houston orthopedic surgeon Eric Scheffey. So why did he get to keep his license for so long?

That 70’s Show

By John Spong

Forty years ago, Willie, Waylon, Jerry Jeff, and a whole host of Texas misfits grew their hair long, snubbed Nashville, and brought the hippies and rednecks together. The birth of outlaw country changed country music forever.

Issue: April 2012

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Spring Break Itinerary: The Best of West Texas

Feb 12, 2018 By Lauren Smith Ford

Last month, we kicked our Texas Spring Break inspiration itineraries off with an action-packed, kid-friendly adventure through San Antonio. Next up, we have a guide to an ultimate West Texas spring break that could be enjoyed with or without kids in tow. This is a popular spring break destination, so…