permian panthers football odessa boomtown
Boomtown, Episode 7: Mojo Magic

Jan 21, 2020 By Christian Wallace

Ask any West Texan and they’ll tell you that the Permian Basin is best known for two things: oil and football. No high school football team in the country is more famous than Odessa’s Permian Panthers. Their 1988 season was chronicled in one of the best-selling sports books of all time, Friday Night Lights, which inspired a Hollywood film and a critically acclaimed TV series. To this day, a Permian… Read Story


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Art Acevedo Houston Police Chief
Art Acevedo Can’t Say That, Can He?

Jan 22, 2020 By Keri Blakinger

Not long after criticizing Ted Cruz and John Cornyn for ignoring gun violence, the Houston police chief sat down to talk about his headline-making comments, why he’s a RINO, and the balance between criminal justice reform and public safety.

Discover Austin and Stay on UT Campus

Dec 20, 2019 By TM Promotions

When visiting Austin, a stay at the AT&T Hotel and Conference Center means getting to enjoy the richness of Austin’s culture and many entertainment districts while in the heart of Longhorn Country. For visitors and Texas Exes returning home, there’s no place quite like it. Read Story

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Michell Girard and Chris Barrington
Miss Girard’s Christmas Gift

Dec 24, 2019 By Skip Hollandsworth

When her former student was found wandering the streets a decade after she’d last seen him, Michell Girard immediately agreed to take him in. Then she decided to do far more, including give him the Christmas he’d never had.

Joe Exotic: A Dark Journey Into the World of a Man Gone Wild

By Leif Reigstad

He called himself the Tiger King and plastered his face on highway billboards in Texas and Oklahoma. He bred big cats, bears, baboons, and more. He lived, with a parade of partners, on the grounds of his private zoo. He threatened a rival with murder—repeatedly, on YouTube—and tried to hire a hit man to do the deed.

Issue: June 2019

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Small Towns, Big Money

Jan 22, 2020 By Texas Monthly

Across the state, small towns are fading away. But in a few places, rich people are spending big to revive them. And that comes with its own set of complications.

An Island In Winter

Dec 11, 2019 By TM Promotions

Get the Island vibe and spend the winter with the turtles, birds, dolphins and Island folks on South Padre Island. So beautiful. So Padre. Read Story