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James Magee at The Hill
James Magee Has Been Working on His Masterpiece for Decades, but Completion Isn’t the Point

Sep 16, 2020 By Sterry Butcher

James Magee pauses with his fork poised above his huevos rancheros. He is considering the question of what it is that artists do. Magee’s eyes are pale blue, and his frame is rawboned and valleyed. His longish hair and beard are white-white, and he has Lincoln-like hollows at his cheekbones and brow. An oompah-heavy norteño waltz chugs cheerfully on the radio at El Paso’s L&J Cafe. “Everything could be the… Read Story


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tom brown canadian texas skip hollandsworth
Tom Brown’s Body

Sep 15, 2020 By Texas Monthly

In 2016, a popular teenager disappeared in the tiny Panhandle community of Canadian, Texas. Two years later, his remains were discovered beneath a tree outside of town. But to this day, no arrests have been made, and nearly everyone involved in the case has fallen under suspicion. Beginning September 29, join award-winning journalist Skip Hollandsworth as he attempts to uncover the truth.

From News & Politics

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Build the Ike Dike!

Sep 16, 2020 By Evan Mintz

Instead of wasting time on tiresome culture wars, Texas’s political leaders ought to be thinking big. They could start by saving Houston from disaster.

From Food & Drink

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Wrangler Feedyard at Cactus Feeders
The Quest for Better Beef

Aug 12, 2020 By Eric Benson

Vegans want to end the killing of animals. Scientists say livestock are accelerating climate change. COVID-19 is ravaging meat-packers. Texas beef is under fire—but all across the industry, from the pasture to the butcher case, a vision of more sustainable burgers and briskets is beginning to come into focus.

Schlitterbahn’s Tragic Slide

By Skip Hollandsworth

Jeff Henry often said that his goal in life was to make customers of his family’s legendary water parks happy—“to put a smile on their faces, to give them a thrill or two.” It was a beautiful vision. Until it went horribly wrong.

Issue: August 2018

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