Bernie Sanders
Most Politicians Don’t Court Muslim Voters. Bernie Is Betting on Them in Texas.

Feb 26, 2020 By Amal Ahmed

In early February, Hasan Minhaj, the popular Muslim American comedian and host of Netflix’s Patriot Act told presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, “You’re Jewish, but you’re pretty Muslim-ish.” The 78-year-old candidate laughed and responded, “I’ve been called many things in my life, never Muslim-ish.” Two weeks later, Sanders was introduced at the arena where the Mesquite Rodeo is held by one of the most prominent American imams in North Texas, if… Read Story


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The Legend of John Holmes Jenkins

Feb 19, 2020 By Chris O'Connell

He was a notorious deal maker known for bringing priceless pieces of Texas history back to the state. He was also a suspected forger and arsonist. Thirty years ago, he was found dead in the Colorado River near Austin, and to this day a question remains: Could John Holmes Jenkins have masterminded his own death?

The Day The Fire Came

By Skip Hollandsworth

A tale of love and loss on the Plains.

Issue: August 2017

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desk hancock hill
The Desk on Hancock Hill

Feb 19, 2020 By Sterry Butcher

Some forty years ago, a desk was dragged to the top of a hill in Alpine that overlooks the Big Bend. The notebooks stashed inside continue to capture big thoughts from the people who travel there.