IN MATTERS OF DOMESTICITY, there are more don’ts than dos. Don’t run with the scissors. Don’t put your feet on the Eames. Don’t jump on the bed—especially when the Frettes are fresh from the cleaners. But this coffee table’s dictum is to have more fun at home. When Alberto Bonomi discovered a cast-off mini-trampoline, he adopted the launch pad as his own. And as with most horizontal surfaces, it soon became a makeshift table. Amused by the proportions and happenstance, the Houston furniture designer and craftsman—known for his fixtures and cabinetry at the Tasting Room wine store, Abejas Boutique, and the Montrose manse of architect John Zemanek—stripped the skirt around the springs, sanded the paint off the legs, and topped it all with a walnut ring finished with electrified nodes for three urethane lamps. Bonomi’s brainchild is now available through Houston’s new Greener Grass Design, a high-end e-tailer with a sense of humor offering the average nester an array of witty goods. Tell your decorator the joke’s on him.

$4,500, by Alberto Bonomi for Handmade in Texas. By special order only through Greener Grass Design, 713-680-8114,