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Good Newscast: Episode 14

Jul 29, 2019 By TM Promotions

In this episode of Good Newscast, sponsored by Frost Bank, Arely, Andrew, and Owen spotlight good news about public health, mental health, and an underground international safety network that provides assistance to people across the world who are LGBTQ.

Good Newscast: Episode 13

Jul 23, 2019 By TM Promotions

In episode 13 of Good Newscast, sponsored by Frost Bank, Owen takes us on a pilgrimage across Spain, Andrew spotlights new ways to keep plastic from outnumbering fish in our oceans, and Arely gives us the story behind the story of a hero meteorologist in Abilene.

The Bull x The Horns: Help! I Have Imposter Syndrome.

Jul 22, 2019 By TM Promotions

Q: My husband works in a creative field and has ‘imposter syndrome.’ He worries that he’s not talented enough or can replaced at any moment. When he thinks about pursuing new opportunities, he becomes terrified of failure—professionally and financially. This stress is causing him to withdraw and be unhappy. How…

Austin’s Historic Places

Jul 16, 2019 By TM Promotions

The City of Austin is rich with history and culture, boasting a variety of cherished landmarks that elevate the area. From its stunning springs to its quaint museums, each gem tells a story of Old Austin while informing the present, as a reminder of how far the city has come and will continue to thrive.