– Good news. We announced a couple weeks back that Hashknife on the Chisholm was closing. Word from owner Jim McLennan is that they’re reopening with a limited menu.


– Criminals stole the wrong smoker last week. They took it from the Dallas Police Association. They were arrested after less than two days.

– A live Twitter chat on BBQ with John T. Edge, director of the Southern Foodways Alliance and grilling guru Steven Raichlen will take place on 6/26 at 7pm CT. Use #BBQUSA to join in on the conversation.

– The UK is getting serious about their barbecue. The latest trend is to mimic “American-style super barbecue” rather than just grilling.

– The Kansas City Royals have been on a hot streak lately and they are crediting an unopened bottle of barbecue sauce. Maybe the Rangers should grab some of Cooper’s famous sauce to help turn things around.

– Scott Roberts of the Salt Lick in Driftwood shows the folks in the Bon Appetit kitchen how to grill up some sausage.

– Argentina has been the king of beef consumption for decades, but they’ve fallen from the top. This decline in consumption is also tied to the fall in beef production in Argentina. Government price controls aimed at shoring up beef consumption have ironically led to the depressed production. As the writer notes, “it is simply more profitable to farm soybeans than to raise cattle.”

argentina beef

– For more on the beef industry in Argentina, here’s a longer article that is entirely in Spanish. There are great photos and a few choice quotes that I could translate including “La metrosexualización de la comida”

– A 2008 Top 50 BBQ joint in Palestine is officially for sale:

– After slaughter, beef starts to turn from purple to red in a process called “bloom”. Then it starts to gray as it sits in the meat case. What causes this?

– Raising grass fed beef has its challenges as does marketing it. “In New York, land is so expensive that farmers can’t afford to raise animals from birth to butcher on grass.”

– We now know what kind of smokers they’ll be installing at Schmidt Family Barbecue in Bee Cave.


– Getting drunk and wandering into bear infested woods is not a good idea, especially with a backpack full of barbecue.

– Full & Content has some deep thoughts on barbecue and some great photos from a barbecue event at Travaasa that benefited Foodways Texas.

– Finally, if you’d like to learn some barbecue skills from Austin’s John Mueller, you can win an internship with him in a silent auction. It also helps a great cause.