Police in Galveston captured a pair of runaway emus that had escaped from their owner’s backyard.

A woman was banned from a Wichita Falls Walmart after she reportedly drank wine from a Pringles can while riding around the store’s parking lot on an electric shopping cart for several hours.

A Longview woman gave birth to twins one week apart from each other.

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A Garland man pleaded guilty in Connecticut after allegedly kidnapping a man and holding him in a hotel bathtub while threatening him with an alligator and a barbecue-style lighter.

A professional fisherman’s dalmatian stepped on the gearshift of his RV and put it in reverse, backing it into Sam Rayburn Reservoir.

A Houston man rode his motorcycle inside his house while blasting loud music during a standoff with police.

Firefighters in Haslet freed a Longhorn that had gotten its head stuck in a circular hay feeder.

The Longview City Council honored a four-year-old boy for waking up his family to tell them that their garage was on fire.

Between January 1 and January 24, the Duncanville High School girls’ basketball team outscored its opponents 596–152.

The Texas Department of Transportation removed a San Angelo road sign that misspelled Ben Ficklin Road as “Ben Fricklin Road.”

Strong winds in the Rio Grande Valley knocked over a SpaceX rocket ship near Brownsville.

Grackles were spotted pecking at a package of chicken inside an Austin H-E-B.

A Lufkin woman called the police to report a construction worker who had allegedly used her garden hose to fill a bucket with water. 

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