Our February 2019 “Love Letters to Texas” collector’s issue celebrates the Texas icons and oddities that so many of us treasure, and reflects our love of the state’s land, traditions, and characters. As we sifted through the Texas Monthly archives to curate the issue, we found ourselves waxing poetic about all the reasons why we hold our state so dear. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Six-Word Memoirs to challenge our readers to sum up the reasons why they love Texas in a mere six words. We’ll feature our favorite entries here on the site and in a future issue of Texas Monthly magazine. Here are a few examples from our staff to get the creative juices flowing:

  • Brisket, ribs, sausage: the holy trinity
  • My kingdom for a homemade tortilla
  • Dallas bound? Brake for Czech Stop
  • Stray cats on the Alamo walls

That not doing it for you? Maybe the creations of a few prominent Texans will spark your imagination:

  • It starts and ends with Willie —Lance Armstrong
  • That’s right, I am from Texas —Lyle Lovett, upon waking in a Boulder, Colorado, hotel room

So, what’s your Texas love letter? Is there a park or city or small town that’s particularly close to your heart? Which Texas foods or brands do you treasure? What’s your favorite memory of living in Texas? Challenge yourself to sum it up in six words and submit it to us here—one of the best things about Texas is the diversity of experiences of the people who hail from here, and we want to hear your stories in Six-Word Memoir form.

Submit your six-word love letter to Texas via the form above, or do so on social media using the hashtag #loveletterstotexas. We’ll be featuring our favorites in about two weeks’ time here on the site and in a future print issue of Texas Monthly!