Wafer Madness

Apr 1, 1996 By Helen Thorpe

Inside a state-of-the-art semiconductor factory, a day’s work is never done, as technicians race to build smaller, faster, and more-powerful computer chips.

Walken Tall

Jan 1, 1996 By Josh Daniel

If you can’t get enough of creepy character actor Christopher Walken, boot up The Darkening, one of this year’s CD-ROM releases from Austin’s Origin Systems. Walken, like John Hurt and Amanda Pays, plays one of the fifty characters who meet up with the game’s hero, an amnesiac who roams the…

Net Worker

Apr 1, 1995 By Gary Chapman

When Susan Hadden was murdered, the country lost a visionary thinker on the information highway and the Internet.

Gone to CyberTexas

Feb 1, 1995 By Joe Nick Patoski

With a computer and a modem, anyone can ravel the state on the information superhighway, but it helps to have a road map. A complete guide to Texas on-line.

Machine Dreams

Jun 30, 1994 By michaeljeanerard

David Greelish of El Paso is nostalgic about technology, so he collects the antiques of the future—computers.

Housing Authority

Apr 30, 1994 By Melanie Cole

With high-tech wiring, a Smart House can cook dinner, wash the dishes, and entertain guests. Are you smart enough to live in it.

Trashy Business

Nov 1, 1984 By Alison Cook

When Houston’s rich and powerful join forces with environmentalists to battle big corporations, they can be fighting over only one thing. Garbarge.

Mr. Hannah’s Rocket

Nov 1, 1982 By Stephen Harrigan

His first spacecraft blew up on the pad and his primary investor died, but the first free enterprise rocket finally flew from Matagorda.

Good News

Jul 31, 1975 By Patricia Morrison

Cancer treatments, windshield wipers that don’t squeak, and other major breakthroughs on the frontiers of science.