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Jun 21, 2017 By Texas Monthly

Sitting at the beautiful slab of wood that is the bar with a friend, drinking sangria and nibbling swarthy morcilla sausage, you recognize the advantage of having an entire meal on plates the size of saucers. The small dishes are easily bartered for samples from the plates of the new…

The Bin

Mar 20, 2017 By Texas Monthly

Local tapas bars often call on tradition but rarely keep it just to tiny plates. Jason Dady’s little house off Broadway (down from loft space denizens) keeps to the rules. Even the “from the kitchen” larger plates stay true to the bites served in bars, cafes, and roadside stops from…

Toro Kitchen + Bar

Jun 27, 2017 By Texas Monthly

Toro takes a powerful stance with food that lands us right in Madrid—or maybe Valencia. Stylish tapas include such surprises as a thin, tender slice of eggplant, flash fried with just a dust of panko and smeared with local honey. And then there are the croquetas, creamy concoctions…