Bobby Mueller, the owner of Louie Mueller Barbecue in Taylor, is dead at the age of 69. His son Wayne Mueller, vows to carry on his dad’s tradition. Bobby–who was the son of Louie, who founded the sprawling barbecue restaurant in 1949–died in his sleep on Saturday morning. The death was unexpected, as Bobby had been in excellent health. In the obituary in the Austin American-Statesman, Wayne reported, his dad had been an avid runner until a few years ago. Although the barbecue joint was located in Central Texas, its fame is statewide, and ‘cue fanatics would drive miles to eat there. This magazine, in fact, had named it one of the state’s top five (or even top two) joints since the early 1970’s. No competitor even came close for beef ribs, notoriously hard to do right, and Louie Mueller’s brisket could be transcendent, as well. Thank you, Bobby, for the happiness you brought to ‘cue lovers around the state. Our sympathy to the Mueller family.