Poor Snoopy. He concocted the best Thanksgiving dinner he could, but Peppermint Patty flew into a rage when she saw the spread: buttered toast, pretzel sticks, popcorn, ice cream sundaes, and jelly beans. I’ve never understood why Patty got so angry at Charlie Brown about that assortment of carbs and sugars: It seems like Snoopy and Charlie had a firm handle on the fattening spirit of Thanksgiving. But, thank goodness, here in Austin, we don’t have to rely on simple sugars from a package to carry on the junk food tradition. We have trailers. Sure, you could pick one place to satisfy all your tryptophantastic needs, like Biscuits + Groovy, a sometimes-vegan trailer off 51st Street. Try the Donnie + Turkie Osmond special: Fluffy, homemade biscuits are slathered with mashed potatoes, chunky cornbread stuffing, and thick turkey gravy, with studs of sliced turkey, turkey bacon, and fresh, round cranberries on top. As satisfying as this dish was, Biscuits + Groovy lost points for the special’s bland mashed potatoes (most likely from a box) and their other specialty, french toast, which was overly eggy and extremely soggy. So rather than call it a day with their breakfast, mix and match your very own trailer Thanksgiving feast with this scavenger hunt guide. Some of these choices may seem far from traditional, but sometimes a little edge is just what the standard dishes need. Plus, considering that most trailers carry finger food, you may not find many mashed potatoes or casseroles made with good ol’ cream of mushroom soup. Nontraditional but delicious, here is my fantasy trailer Thanksgiving meal. (Disclaimer: If your stomach hurts when you finish this meal—and it will hurt—I take no responsibility.) Turkey: Who better than the original Austin trailer, Torchy’s, to supply us with a fried turkey taco? The Turkey Mole piles fried turkey, Oaxacan mole, rice, avocado, queso fresco, and fresh cilantro onto your choice of tortilla. For our purposes, you may need to skip the fixins and pull the turkey from the tortilla and onto your plate. Meat: I know ham is traditional, but I can’t think of an occasion where the moist, decadent brisket from Old School BBQ and Grill doesn’t fit the bill. Stuffing: Try G’Raj Mahal’s puffy, rich samosas. Their spicy potato filling is one step above plain old stuffing. Green Bean Casserole: Make like the hipsters and order the Fried Brussels Sprout Salad from East Side King at Liberty Bar. You won’t miss the casserole’s fried onions from a can when you try shredded brussels and cabbage, alfalfa sprouts, and fresh basil, cilantro, mint, onion, and jalapeño, all in a sweet and spicy sauce. Potatoes: Franklin Barbecue‘s mustardy potato salad is just what the turkey ordered. Cranberry sauce: Quick! Pick up some of Counter Culture‘s tangy seasonal cranberry sauce before it’s too late. Gravy: I’ve still got the decadently rich turkey gravy from Biscuits + Groovy on the brain. Just avoid the tasteless, gloopy vegan “groovy.” Rolls: Zubik House’s yeasty, sweet kolaches should do the trick. Pie: Nothing can beat the Cutie Pie Wagon‘s White Chocolate Coconut Pecan. So, Austin, two requests before I leave you with your piled-high plate: 1) Where would you find your perfect Thanksgiving trailer feast? and 2) Dig in! Posted by Megan Giller