Food & Drink

New Deli

Feb 1, 1997 By Patricia Sharpe

It started as a hippie sandwich shop in Austin. Now, more than two decades later, Schlotzsky’s is finally kicking the competition in the buns.

The Elite Meat to Eat

Feb 1, 1997 By Patricia Sharpe

Chicken? For the birds. Fish? In the tank. From Buffalo Gap to Galveston, the faddish food these days is steak. Here are ten prime places to enjoy it.

Grady Spears

Jul 31, 1996 By Patricia Sharpe

“I feel like I’ve been put through a blender!” says Grady Spears, the executive chef and co-owner of Reata restaurant, whose maniacally successful second location opened in May atop Fort Worth’s Bank One Tower. “On Saturdays we’re serving nearly six hundred customers. It’s just nuts.” Spears may be grousing, but…

State Fare

Jun 30, 1996 By Patricia Sharpe

Penne for your thoughts: You’ll never say basta to the pasta with vegetables and mixed greens at the Presidio in San Antonio.

Bread Winners

Jun 30, 1996 By Patricia Sharpe

Upper-crust bakers in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin are turning out heavenly handmade loaves that make store-bought seem stale by comparison.

He Takes the Cake

May 31, 1996 By Kate Murphy

Wally Mejía designed his first wedding cake for a friend in 1989. It was a five-tiered butter-pecan-creme-filled extravaganza adorned with intricate scrollwork that imitated the architectural treatments he’d admired in France the year before, when he took a pastrymaking course at the Cordon Bleu. “The guests surrounded it and took…

Holy Cacao!

Apr 30, 1996 By Patricia Sharpe

Introducing El Rey, the Venezuelan chocolate that is wowing chefs everywhere, thanks to the efforts of a Texan with a taste for treats.

Tough Nuts to Crack

Mar 1, 1996 By Joe Holley

Marketing the Texas pecan like the California raisin seems to make good business sense. So why do small Texas growers think it’s a shell game?

Texas, Paris

Feb 1, 1996 By clotildeluce

Two mythic cultures, one great love affair: How France has taken us to heart.

Lay’s of Our Lives

Jan 1, 1996 By Skip Hollandsworth

BESIDES THE TASTE OF ITS CHIPS, Frito-Lay’s advertising has had a lasting impact on Americans. Grown-ups can still sing all the words to “Ai-yi-yi-yi, I’m the Frito Bandito” and “Munch a Bunch of Fritos.” Only time will tell if the supermodels’ plug for Baked Lay’s will join the ranks of…

Virtual Vittles

Jan 1, 1996 By Patricia Sharpe

From chili to chiles, there’s a heaping helping of Texas food on the Internet, including cookoff schedules, mail-order info, recipes, and restaurant reviews. Dig in.

Hot Potatoes

Jan 1, 1996 By Skip Hollandsworth

Is it possible to have a low-fat chip that tastes good? After three years of top-secret tinkering, Frito-Lay thinks it has hit upon the ultimate snacker’s delight.

Crazy for Brew

Nov 1, 1995 By Gary Cartwright

With 31 new brewpubs across the state, deciding which bar to belly up to has never been more difficult—or fun. Our guide to the craft-beer craze.

Significant Others

Sep 30, 1995 By Patricia Sharpe

Tired of the No. 2 dinner? A new book of recipes collected from California, Arizona, and New Mexico will broaden your Tex-Mex horizons.

Shell Game

Apr 1, 1995 By John Morthland

Son of a gun, you’ll have big fun—and terrific fresh crawfish—at these seven Louisiana seafood joints.

Hunger Pains

Feb 1, 1995 By Jim Atkinson

Without constant care, victims of an obscure genetic disorder would eat themselves to death.

Bessie’s Pecan Pie

Nov 1, 1994 By Jane Dure

The Eighty-third Legislature just named the pecan pie the state pie of Texas. Celebrate by baking one using one of our very favorite recipes.

Chile Weather

Jul 31, 1994 By Joe Nick Patoski

It’s harvest time for the green chile—the mild-mannered pepper that adds zest to almost any dish.

Nouveau Grub

Apr 30, 1994 By Robert Draper

Around the state, a smorgasbord of stylish new restaurants defines the Texas bitegeist.

Low Steaks

Mar 1, 1993 By John Morthland

How a cut of meat from the wrong side of the street rose to culinary stardom, plus a guide to Texas’ most authentic fajitas.

Uncommon Market

Dec 1, 1992 By Susan Chadwick

San Antonio’s Farm to Market looks like an overgrown produce stand, but inside are some of the classiest groceries in the state.

A Goode Idea

Jul 31, 1992 By Susan Chadwick

How the owner of Goode Company in Houston took the three basic Texas food groups—barbecue, Tex-Mex, and burgers—and built an empire.

No Smoking

Mar 1, 1992 By John Morthland

Welcome to Llano, the real barbecue capital of Central Texas. The proof is in the pit.

Fire Power

Aug 31, 1991 By John Morthland

The habanero chile stokes the burning desire of pepper lovers everywhere.

Mix Masters

May 31, 1991 By Patricia Sharpe

Three trend-setting Mexico City restaurants defy tradition by blending native and European cuisines.

King Crab

Mar 1, 1991 By Patricia Sharpe

In tiny Sabine Pass, two restaurants battle to see which will be the barbecued-crab master of the universe.

Crispy Critters

Feb 1, 1990 By John Morthland

Carnivores have their steakhouses, herbivores their sprout spots. Now insectivores can munch their way through the Aztec menus in Mexico City.

Mayan Over Matter

Aug 31, 1989 By Paul Burka

East meets West (and New Southwest and ancient Mexican) at Houston’s oh-so-trendy Palacio Tzintzuntzan.

Eat Sweet

Apr 1, 1989 By Anne Dingus

Peanut patties are red, raspas are blue, sugar is sweet, and so are pralines, pecan pie, kolaches, and seven other great Texas desserts.

Nights of Wine and Roses

Sep 30, 1988 By Alison Cook

Thanks to adventurous chef Michel Bernard Platz, the flowers at Dallas’ L’Entrecôte are as likely to be on the menu as in a vase.

Tempest in a Taco

Sep 30, 1988 By Bill Crawford

Taco Cabana pioneered patio dining—a winning formula of Tex-Mex food and margaritas in the open air. When competitor Two Pesos introduced its look-alike layout, the lawsuits started to fly.

Cuisine de Campfire

Sep 30, 1987 By Alison Cook

Where there’s smoke, there’s chef Robert McGrath’s smokebox that works wonders on Southwestern dishes.