Adobado: Marinated.

Al pastor: Literally “shepherd style.” Usually sliced pork seasoned with an adobo (marinade) of chiles, achiote, and citrus juice and cooked on a vertical spit known as a trompo. Adapted from a cooking method brought to Mexico by Lebanese immigrants in the early twentieth century.

Arrachera: Marinated skirt steak, usually grilled.

Barbacoa: From the same root as “barbecue.” Refers to both traditional earthen-pit cooking and the meat so cooked. In Texas today, barbacoa is usually steamed or braised portions from the cow’s head.

Birria: Highly seasoned stewed lamb, goat, or other meat. Typical of Jalisco.

Bistec: From the English word “beefsteak.” A thin cut that’s either grilled or cooked into stews.

FEATURES--TACOS--1215Borrego: Lamb. Often steamed.

Buche: Pig stomach.

Cabeza: Cow’s head. A “taco de cabeza” can include any part, such as cachete, or be served as a mix (“surtida”) of head meats, including sesos, ojo, and lengua.

Cabrito: Kid goat, specifically milk-fed, less than 25 days old.

Cachete: Beef cheek.

Carne asada: Grilled meat, usually beef, sliced thin.

Carnitas: Literally “little meats.” Usually pork butt simmered and fried in its own fat.

Chicharrón: Fried pork skin. Often stewed in tomatillo or other sauce.

Chivo: Goat.

Deshebrada: Means “shredded.” Usually beef or chicken.

Guisado: Homey, slow-cooked stew.

Lengua: Beef tongue, usually braised and chopped.

Machaca: Shredded dry beef, also known as carne seca. Becomes machacado when mixed with egg, etc.

Mollejas: Sweetbreads.

Ojo: Eye.

Picadillo: Ground meat, usually beef, often cooked with onions, potatoes, carrots, and chiles.

Pollo: Chicken.

Puerco: Pork.

Meat Glossary animals

Res: Beef.

Sesos: Brains, usually calf.

Suadero: A smooth beef cut cooked in fat and finished on a griddle. May be mixed with tripe or other offal.

Tinga: Shredded meat, usually chicken, prepared in a chipotle or other sauce.

Tripas: Small intestine, usually of a cow, fried or stewed. Also known as tripitas.