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2015: The Best and Worst Legislators

Honorable Mentions

Senator Brandon Creighton
Republican – Conroe

Creighton had one of the few successes concerning property taxes, passing a “truth in taxation” bill that included a provision requiring local governments to justify the necessity of tax increases.

Senator Van Taylor
Republican – Plano

Taylor passed a major ethics reform bill through the Senate, only to see it derailed by House mischief. He responded stoically, even though no one had a more legitimate cause to complain about the other chamber.

Representative Cindy Burkett
Republican – Sunnyvale

Burkett spent most of the session working on thoughtful reforms that will help protect some of Texas’s most vulnerable children.

Representative Joe Farias
Democrat – San Antonio

Known as a blue-collar legislator who fought for the poor and for military veterans, Farias announced he is retiring—but not before his impassioned pleas helped scuttle reforms to the Hazlewood program, which provides education benefits for veterans and their families: “Think twice and open your heart to those that have endured the most.”

Representative Kenneth Sheets
Republican – Dallas

Orderly, fair, and committed to public service, Sheets increasingly inspires the question: Can we get some more Marines in the Lege?

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