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Style & Design

Style Roundup: The Contemporary’s Art Dinner

Art dinner

At Contemporary Austin’s Art Dinner on Friday, the guests themselves were works of art. Held on the shores of Lake Austin at the museum’s historic Laguna Gloria, the museum’s annual fundraiser encouraged an elegant and artful approach to dressing, a contrast to Austin’s more casual scene. Before art lovers sat down at candlelit tables under Tom Friedman’s 33-foot-tall stainless steel sculpture, “Looking Up,” for a dinner by Uchi and a live art auction by Sotheby’s (which raised over $400,000 to fund future exhibitions), they walked the museum’s lush grounds in creative ensembles that signaled the beginning of a new season in playful spring fashion. This is our second installment in our Style Roundup series, which chronicles what Texans are wearing now. In our first, we visited the opening night of February’s Houston Rodeo.

Tags: Style, art dinner, Contemporary Arts Museum, contemporary austin, laguna gloria, suzanne deal booth