A few years ago, I had coffee with a popular event planner who couldn’t stop talking about her favorite new florist to work with in Austin. His name alone was captivating: Antonio Bond, so I had to know more. She told me about his epic beard, his collection of tattoos with interesting back stories, and his devotion to all things heavy metal. So it’s no surprise to find that Bond was making the most unexpected and downright beautiful floral arrangements in town, taking found objects like a skull and transforming it into a vase full of cascading roses, succulents, and andromeda, or surrounding a chipped St. Francis statue with a grouping of yellow and green ranunculus and Craspedia for an end result that’s both edgy and elegant.

Bond fell into floral design after being transferred to the floral department after working in the deli at Central Market (he was a bartender at Emo’s by night). He caught his first big break as a florist in 2013 when he did a wedding at the Hotel St. Cecilia, whose staff loved his work so much they hired him to be their in-house florist. Earlier this year, he teamed up with photographers Alison Narro and Houshang Ghaharie to shoot a coffee table book featuring his diverse body of work. Transplants: Eclectic Floral Design, published in November by Blue Star Press, showcases Bond’s extraordinary sculptural designs. Take a peak inside the 200-page hardcover stunner.