On a hilltop overlooking the rolling landscape of the Texas Hill Country, the four siblings who are members of the folk band Willow City are gathered in the living room with their instruments, singing and laughing over coffees and a crackling fire (it’s as picturesque as it sounds). The family moved to “The Hill,” as they call it, in 2008, after selling their beloved Tudor house “in town” (how the locals refer to downtown Fredericksburg). Janet Proch and her husband, Tom, first moved to the area in 1986 to open a store on Main Street (Janet’s sister is the legendary Texas antique dealer Carol Hicks Bolton). Tom, a craftsman, knew the day he saw “The Hill” that he could transform the 1990s ranch-style home covered in Italian accents into a space that was more of their cozy Old World style.

The family of six shares the four-bedroom and one-bath house that’s full of creative touches, like vintage instruments hanging in the entryway and Western-inspired chuck wagon beds. Although Willow City travels the country on tours, the siblings always look forward to coming home to Fredericksburg. Janet says: “We love the community that a small town fosters and being able to cheer on other creatives in our little town. The most meaningful conversations can be had with a stranger you run into walking down Main Street or a friend you’ve known for decades in the grocery store aisle.”

Take a tour of their music-filled home (and don’t miss the Hansel and Gretel-style chicken coop!).