Get your boots on, cue the band, and light up the fireworks—2024 is gearing up to be an exciting year for all of us. No matter your sign, you’ve likely learned lessons in patience and taking the long road over the past few years. This year, the stars over Texas will finally bless us with lots of forward motion. In 2024, passions will ignite in a way we haven’t experienced in quite some time, and the cosmos are forecasting promotions, new jobs, renewed friendships, and even some reinvigorated romances. Each of the twelve zodiac signs will experience the twists and turns a little differently. Read on for insight into what to look forward to (and what to look out for) in the coming year.  

Capricorn (December 22–January 19) 

Yellow Rose: As a Sea Goat, you value having solid ground underneath your feet at all times, and I am so happy to report that 2024 will give you just what you desire. The chaotic currents that have been running through your life have decided to settle, and you’ll finally get some time to breathe and take in the triumphs you’ve pulled off during the tumult. Some of these successes might look a bit different from what you set out to do originally, but give yourself a pat on the back anyway. In 2024, I see you seeking and finding peace, both in your interior world and with others. With your life settling down, and with the ground you’re standing on less shaky, you’ll find tranquility in the small moments of life around you.

Thorn Country: While peace and quiet are lovely, you are adept at climbing, at desiring, and at striving for more—so the calmness of 2024 may find you feeling a little bored. It can be a devastating feeling for someone so accustomed to excitement and movement, so give yourself space to examine why this peace can feel so uncomfortable. You may find yourself enjoying it more than you think. I can also see that you may find yourself a little lonely in the latter part of the year. When you find yourself craving company, don’t hesitate to reach out—so many people want to spend time with you. 

Tips of Texas: When the doldrums strike, engage in some adventure in Austin. Here in our capital city you’ll find many opportunities to indulge your love of sophistication and the finer things in life. Eat at Bufalina Due, and then enjoy a drink and some live music at the swanky Continental Club.

Aquarius (January 20–February 18) 

Yellow Rose: In 2024, I see you finding yourself. Aquarians can sometimes get lost trying to make sense of everything around them. This year, however, will enable you to explore the depths of your own personality and find what you love about yourself. The stars are shining down on you, illuminating all of your gifts. Others will have the same vision: I anticipate success at work, with a new job or a promotion on the horizon. 

Thorn Country: You do so love being right, but this year, don’t give in to the urge to fight about everything. I foresee lots of difficulty around the way you use your words. When you feel a quarrel rise up in your throat, use your better judgment to squash it, even if for only a second—that might be just enough time to make things better. I foresee a strained ability to find your footing in new relationships. If you’re single, it might take a bit longer to find the right person, and if you’re in a relationship, you might find yourself nitpicking habits you used to find adorable.  

Tips of Texas: As you seek out all the ways you can to find and love yourself, make your way to Big Bend National Park. You’ll fall in love with the world again in the wide open spaces. Make it a solo trip; a little solitude in nature will give you an opportunity to reflect on who you are and keep you away from conflict. 

Pisces (February 19–March 20)

Yellow Rose: This year, all of the work you’ve put into creating avenues for success will pay off. The stars have a lovely way of giving us what we need, not always what we want, but you’ll find that the two are more closely aligned than you might have thought. I also see that you will be experiencing lots of financial wins this year, and that your money will continue to grow.

Thorn Country: You’ll have to figure out what bad habits need kicking, and you’ll have to do it fast. As the year gets going, any bad habits that you’ve maintained have the potential to grow even worse. Remember that moderation is your friend. I also foresee that you’ll need to learn to stand up for yourself. When conflict comes around, don’t go hiding—your desires are just as worthy as anyone else’s. 

Tips of Texas: With your dreamy nature and love of the sky, you should take a trip to enjoy a star party in West Texas. Make your way to the McDonald Observatory and book an evening trip to view the vast expanse of space, where you can see just how big your dreams can become if you let them grow. I think you’ll find yourself twinkling with gratitude for all the good you have in your life, too.

Aries (March 21–April 19)

Yellow Rose: As the fiery Ram, you know what it’s like to push forward against all odds. You are going to find yourself working hard throughout the year, and your diligence will provide you with some massive treasures. Especially in your career, you’ll see some huge gains and possibly even a promotion or a raise before summer. Though you typically value your individuality, you’ll also find that working in teams and bringing people together becomes a little bit easier throughout the year. Don’t be afraid of working together—you’ll still get to shine, even in a crowd. 

Thorn Country: In 2024, you’re going to do something that no one likes to do—let go. This year will teach you how to release the people who aren’t helping you, who are working against you, or who just don’t let you be yourself. When you’re finding yourself itching to text that person you know isn’t good for you anymore, remind yourself of all the ways you are succeeding this year. When it comes to loved ones, it’s quality over quantity.

Tips of Texas: I see a trip somewhere hot, vibrant, and fun for you this year, fiery Ram. Make your way to El Paso, get something yummy to eat, and take in the heat and the light of the sun to recharge your batteries—even if you have to do it from someplace nice and air-conditioned. El Paso will put the fire in your belly and warm your heart. 

Taurus (April 20–May 20) 

Yellow Rose: This year, you will find yourself supercharged with experimenting powers that propel you to try new things. Give yourself lots of grace when first practicing that three-pointer or attempting the latest TikTok dance—it might not immediately feel like it’s going as well as you want it to, but I foresee that you’ll at least learn a lesson if you try. You’ll find lots of joy in innovation in almost every aspect of your life, from love to work to the way you decorate your home. 

Thorn Country: As the Bull, you are familiar with being told that you are stubborn, and this year you may find yourself becoming even more entrenched in your obstinate ways. Stay on guard for moments when you feel possessive and want to keep loved ones by your side when what they really need is to make their own way. Don’t let these feelings overtake your relationships. Give people the space they need.  

Tips of Texas: Indulge your love of delicious food and gorgeous scenery in Dallas. Celebrate the wins of the year with a chocolate brownie sundae at the Ramble Room, then walk it off at the arboretum, drawing inspiration from the beauty around you.

Gemini (May 21–June 21)

Yellow Rose: You will find yourself experiencing the joy of new beginnings while reflecting on what you’ve done to get here. Let yourself believe in miracles, and they will come showering onto you throughout the year—you’ve waited long enough for them. When things slow down, take some time to let your curious mind think through what brings you the most joy and what brings you down, and go out and seek out more of the things that fill your cup.

Thorn Country: With a mind that moves as fast as yours, sometimes you can think yourself into knots, and 2024 will give you many opportunities to trip yourself up. This is especially true for love. You might struggle to be as romantic as your partners would like, and you may have to try extra hard at flirting. There may be some opportunities for people to try and come back into your life, and you’ll need to remember why you let them go in the first place. Don’t go analyzing what their return means if you’re certain that they should have left. 

Tips of Texas: Visit the gorgeous Rio Grande Valley and explore the McAllen Public Library, Gemini. Your mind is seeking out ways to expand, and you’ll find lots of inspiration at one of the largest single-story libraries in the nation. When your eyes get tired of all that reading, go for a nature walk at the Quinta Mazatlan World Birding Center, and listen to the gorgeous birdsong that fills the air. May the chirping of the birds remind you to let only beautiful sounds come from your lips.

Cancer (June 22–July 22) 

Yellow Rose: Sensitive, loving, mothering Crab—this year, you are going to find the healing you’ve been seeking. Throughout the past few years, your shell has been poked and prodded in ways that left you tender, but in 2024, you’ll find the means to heal from what has hurt you. This will especially be true in your relationships, whether romantic, platonic, or familial. While people generally think of you as someone they can turn to in times of need, you may have found yourself with an empty cup in the past. I see that this year, you will find ways to fill your own cup, bridging the gap between your loved ones’ needs and your own desires.

Thorn Country: While you’ll find lots of healing in the relationships you already have, 2024 might not be the best year to find new romance or friendships. Your heart is a little too tender right now. This doesn’t mean you should reject new relationships that come your way, but be cautious of overextending yourself. I also foresee needing patience around money, particularly earned money from your jobs. While a raise might not be immediately in the stars for you, give yourself some grace and know that all things come in their own time. 

Tips of Texas: The beach is calling your name. Grab a family member and head to South Padre Island and make a sandcastle on the beach, reminding yourself of the fun you had when you were a kid and letting that joy suffuse you. Once you’ve had your nostalgic fun, head over to Viva SPI to enjoy an agua bendita, and remind yourselves of all the love you have for each other while watching the sunset over the bay. The sounds of the waves are the perfect backdrop to what will be a loving, healing conversation. 

Leo (July 23–August 22) 

Yellow Rose: I see lots of roaring for you in 2024, my fierce and fabulous Lion. You are used to being the center of attention and commanding the spotlight, and in the coming year you will find yourself doing so with the people that you know are best for you. This means that you will be creating strong boundaries between what you want and what you don’t want, including the people and experiences that dull the golden light that you so carefully cultivate around yourself. By creating these boundaries, you will allow all sorts of good things into your life, and find yourself shining even more brightly for those you’ve allowed to stay in your circle. You will also have lots of success in forming new partnerships, as your discernment will increase while your boundaries become stronger. Choose the right people and experiences, my Lion, and you will see great things this year.

Thorn Country: You’re an individual who values things working the way they should, but 2024 is going to test your ability to accept life the way it is, flaws and all. You are going to be beset with chaos a few times throughout the year, with your work seeming to go wrong at the exact moment you were really hoping it would go right. Use your ability to make anything around you shine just a little brighter to make the best of these situations, and you’ll find they won’t be so bad after all.  

Tips of Texas: Visit the vibrant city of San Antonio, you fierce Lion! Make your way to the Majestic Theatre and get your fill of the stage with a show—Diana Ross, Michael Bolton, and Johnny Mathis will all be performing there this year. If on a jaunt around the city you find a mariachi band or a baile folklórico performance, give in to your urge to join. You know you love the attention! 

Virgo (August 23–September 22) 

Yellow Rose: Sweet Virgo, you are no stranger to working hard and staying diligently attuned to the task at hand, and 2024 is going to give you a boost so that you can do so even more powerfully. I foresee this year providing you with the energy to get tasks done, so set up the habits and routines that will allow you to take advantage. Your natural inclination to stick to things until they’re done will provide you with lots of joy as an abundance of items gets checked off your to-do list. I also see you being able to build stronger connections with new people.

Thorn Country: It can be hard for Virgos to trust people, and this year will test your already tenuous ability. You are someone who values routines and systems, who enjoys when life goes as smoothly and predictably as possible, but 2024 will present you with people who are going to rattle your day-to-day schedule. You’ll have to learn some tough lessons around when to trust people and when to let your more suspicious instincts take hold. When you find yourself mired in conflict, remember that you are allowed to excuse yourself—even if it’s just to go clean your room or organize your books. 

Tips of Texas: When you need a break from all the toiling I see you doing this year, go on the scenic route to see the wildflowers bloom on your way to Round Top. Stay at the gorgeous Hotel Lulu for a break from the hustle and bustle that the year has brought you, and maybe even buy some antiques that spark your interest. If your spirit needs some healing, take a tour around the painted churches that dot the Hill Country.

Libra (September 23–October 23) 

Yellow Rose: Your love of beauty will surely come in handy in 2024. This year, you are being called to lavish yourself with all sorts of gorgeousness. After what has seemed to be an interminable number of years in which you haven’t had time to take care of yourself, set aside some time this year to dedicate your significant mental powers to making your body a beautiful temple. You can develop a new skin-care routine, prepare some nourishing and healthy foods, or take a spa day. You’ll also have many chances to use your strength in discernment. Fresh opportunities in both love and career will be coming your way, and you’ll have to decide which are worthy of your attention. Choose wisely, because your choices will stick with you for a long time. 

Thorn Country: One of the reasons you should be super adamant about taking care of yourself this year, my Libra friend, is because there will be so many people around you that want to steal your peace. You are quite accustomed to being the judge, and you know how to charm and flirt your way out of most predicaments, so bring your skills to those challenging people around you so they don’t ruin all of the work you’re doing on yourself.  

Tips of Texas: Give yourself a trip to the museums of Houston. You have an eye for beautiful things, and art sparks joy in you like few other things, so make your way to see the collection in the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, seek out exuberance at the Menil, or find some peace at the Rothko Chapel. Your heart will thank you. 

Scorpio (October 24–November 21)

Yellow Rose: This year, your Scorpion exoskeleton will find itself supercharged with health and well-being. The themes of rest, reflection, and transformation will be prominent, so create space in your schedule to take breaks. Allow your mind to reflect on the person you wish to be, because this year you are gifted with transformative energy. You’ll shed anything that doesn’t serve you, but be sure you like the person that’s emerging from that shell; this metamorphosis has staying power. 

Thorn Country: When the year gets really and truly going, you’ll find yourself easily distracted by the shiny things all around you. The laser-like focus that you pride yourself on will go a little haywire, giving you ample opportunities to chase things that you normally wouldn’t go after. As you find yourself distracted, remember that you know what it is that you want. I also foresee new relationships and love being difficult to maintain this year. If nothing clicks the first time, wait it out—if it’s truly meant to be, it’ll come back to you in its own time.  

Tips of Texas: Take some time out to go explore the far reaches of our state in Marfa. Book one of the rustic lodging options, explore the amazing art scene, and see what makes this town as mysteriously charming as you are, Scorpion.

Sagittarius (November 22–December 21)

Yellow Rose: Fun-loving and adventure-seeking Sagittarius is going to have such a gorgeous year. Take time to set your goals, because in 2024, you will find yourself positively brimming with confidence—shoot your arrow in any direction and know that it will hit its mark. You’ll also find self-love exceptionally powerful. Tell yourself nice things every day when you look in the mirror, and remind yourself of all of the beauty you contain, both inside and out. As a Fire sign, you know that your heat and warmth provide you with a lot of attractive qualities, so let them shine through.

Thorn Country: As you grow more confident, you’ll suffer fewer fools. Keep your arrows generally pointed toward new adventures, as you may find yourself unleashing some of your barbs on those you care about if you aren’t getting your way this year. It’s okay if we sometimes need to set new boundaries, or remind people of who exactly we are, but we should always aim to do so with kindness—and not to let our tempers get the better of us. I also foresee that this year may provide you with some confusion around romance. When you find yourself not understanding what someone means, don’t hesitate to ask them for clarification. You’ll both find it much easier to hear an explanation than to apologize. 

Tips of Texas: Roam all over the Texas Hill Country vineyards. Give yourself some space to explore all the varieties of delicious beverages to be found in our very own state, and invite those you have the most fun with on this adventure. You’ll all find some way to make each other laugh, and the joy you’ll experience will sustain you throughout the year.