The Man Who Fell to Earth

Feb 12, 2013 By Michael Hall

After decades as one of the most admired athletes on the planet and one of the toughest competitors ever to ride a bike, Lance Armstrong is facing a new challenge: how to come back from a very public disgrace.

Call Lance Armstrong Maybe?

Jan 21, 2013 By Jason Cohen

Did Lance Armstrong accidentally give his phone number to his 3.7 million-plus Twitter followers? No. Which only makes his mystery-tweet more puzzling. 

Lance Armstrong Has Something to Get Off His Chest

Jan 20, 2013 By Michael Hall

As he readies himself for this summer's Tour de France, the two-time winner is battling allegations in Europe and elsewhere that he uses performance-enhancing drugs. He insists he is clean. But proving that is turning out to be one of his toughest challenges yet. He doesn't use performance-enhancing drugs, he insists, no matter what his critics in the European press and elsewhere say. And yet the accusations keep coming. How much scrutiny can the two-time Tour de France winner stand? A lot—which is a good thing, since he's heading back up that hill again.

Tour de Lance

Jan 20, 2013 By Mike Shea

In Tour de Lance, Bicycling magazine editor-at-large Bill Strickland uses Lance Armstrong’s return to the Tour de France after a three-year retirement as an opportunity to accompany him through nine grueling months of training and the race itself to take stock of a world-class athlete in a period…

Lance Armstrong

Jan 20, 2013 By Evan Smith

“There are some places where it wouldn’t matter if Pope Benedict XVI was winning the Tour. They would kill him. They would say he cheats, he steals, he has sex with little boys.”

Ghost Riders

Dec 1, 2012 By Ian Dille

The tough road of a cyclist who insisted on racing clean during the era of Lance Armstrong and doping.

Outside versus Lance Armstrong

Jan 15, 2012 By Jason Cohen

Instead of recycling tired rumors about Lance cheating, Outside's Bill Gifford peers into Livestrong's mission, budget, and commercial partnerships. 

Ride, Charlie, Ride

Aug 31, 2010 By Charlie Llewellin

What possessed me to join about 14,000 people in ninety-degree heat to ride in one of the largest bicycle races in the country? Why the hell not.

Breaking Away

Jun 30, 2001 By Michael Hall

The story behind this month's cover story, "Lance Armstrong Has Something to Get Off His Chest."