Marquee Grill and Bar

Jun 30, 2011 By Patricia Sharpe

Many things can be learned by butting heads with other chefs in a reality-TV cooking show. But the biggest lesson is this: If the judges ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. And what does that translate to in real life? Substitute “clients” for “judges” and you’ve got it. Which is why…

Extreme Makeover

May 31, 2011 By Christopher Kelly

Looking back, it might have been one of the most successful media makeovers of the twenty-first century. In the fall of 2007, Mark Cuban—the Internet billionaire turned Dallas Mavericks owner, known for his courtside temper tantrums and the hefty fines they engendered—turned up as a competitor on the fifth season of…


Apr 30, 2011 By Patricia Sharpe

PICTURE YOURSELF ON A Mexican-tiled patio as sunlight filters through a rustic roof made of slender wooden latillas. A margarita stands at the ready, droplets of moisture condensing enticingly on the chilled glass. Within arm’s reach on your left is a cast-iron dish piled with chunky guacamole. On your right…

Lockhart Smokehouse

Mar 26, 2011 By Daniel Vaughn

It’s good people, and it’s $15-per-pound good too. Three visits over the last three weeks have confirmed it. Brisket has morphed from very good to nearly perfect over those past three visits since my last review. The sausage just keeps getting better too, although it’s not quite to…


Feb 1, 2011 By Patricia Sharpe

How tempting must it have been for David Uygur to keep doing what he was doing at Lola. After all, the 37-year-old Dallas chef had amassed quite a cult following, especially at the restaurant’s tiny Tasting Room at Lola. So admired were his eclectic, French-based dishes that when Lola’s…

Pecan Lodge

Jan 1, 2011 By Daniel Vaughn

After a nearly two-month hiatus (that felt like years to some barbecue fanatics) Pecan Lodge is back up and running. Justin and Diane Fourton have a wide menu of Southern food favorites so they weren’t exactly closed, but there’s no doubt that a celebration was warranted. A banner exclaiming “BBQ…

Steer Pressure

Jan 1, 2011 By Jake Silverstein

A wise man once said, “Beware of football Bum Steers.” Baseball is fine, and so is basketball, since both of those seasons will have wrapped up by the time the January issue goes to press. But football is a different story. Just when you think a player or a coach…

Beating a Dead Horse

Dec 1, 2010 By Jeff Beckham

Nearly 25 years after SMU received the death penalty, the Mustangs are finally on the trail to success. But an ESPN documentary reminds us how far the team had fallen thanks to ego, greed, and the religion of football.

Don’t Mess With Exes

Dec 1, 2010 By Jake Silverstein

“Take the grips up to the attic.” That was Harry Truman’s response to a reporter who asked him, as he arrived back home in Independence, Missouri, after leaving the White House, what he intended to do first (“grips,” for all you kids out there, used to be a common synonym…


Aug 31, 2010 By Kristin Ellertson

Can your backyard brisket taste as good as the meat you’d get at your favorite barbecue joint? Bill Karau, a native of Pittsburg, thinks so. There’s only one catch—you’ve got to use one of his pits.

Mr. Bridge

Apr 30, 2010 By Paul Burka

He’s the greatest player in the world—maybe the greatest player ever— of a card game that fewer and fewer people know how to play. But Bob Hamman doesn’t care. He’s too busy probing my mind.

The Big D

Mar 31, 2010 By Jeff Beckham

How a German Basketballer of the Year became the pride of the Dallas Mavericks.

Ray Wylie Hubbard

Jan 1, 2010 By Texas Monthly

The Dallas-raised songwriter first made a name for himself by penning “Up Against the Wall, Redneck Mother,” which Jerry Jeff Walker recorded in 1973 on Viva Terlingua. But he then struggled with alcohol, drugs, and relative obscurity until the nineties, when his album Loco Gringo’s Lament (1994) launched a string…

Help for Brussels Sprouts (And Believe Me, They Need It)

Nov 4, 2009 By Patricia Sharpe

Oh, my bad. I dissed Brussels sprouts. This is going to get me in big trouble with the other half of humanity, which adores the bitter little edible marbles. Anyhoo, even though I see a lot of announcements for cooking classes, this one caught my eye. Anything that’s being taught…

Louis, Louis

Oct 31, 2009 By Kristie Ramirez

The CEO of Louis Vuitton’s North American division talks about the new store at NorthPark, Marc Jacobs, and knockoffs.

Tomorrow People

Oct 31, 2009 By Kristie Ramirez

Blake Mycoskie, the founder of Shoes for Tomorrow (TOMS), talks about traveling around the world, shoe drops, and expanding the business.

Gone to New York

Oct 31, 2009 By Gary Cartwright

Bud Shrake’s letters to friends back in Texas during his years in New York show the late novelist in all his ribald, freewheeling glory. And never more alive.

The Champs

Sep 30, 2009 By Jeff Beckham

How mixed martial arts went from what one senator called “human cockfighting” to an event that draws record crowds and millions of pay-per-view buyers.

A Tease on Tesar’s

Sep 2, 2009 By Patricia Sharpe

If you’re the type who MUST be first with everything, today would be a good time to check out chef John Tesar’s new restaurant in the Woodlands (north of Houston). It’s opening, yes, today, so you know the poor guy is probably ready to set his hair on fire about…

The Fifty Best Burgers in Texas: The List

Jul 22, 2009 By Patricia Sharpe

You can access the full story on texasmonthly.com (subscriber-only), but here’s the list, just to get your tastebuds revved up. Also, there are lots of related burger sidebars that we couldn’t squeeze into the magazine. Check them out. The list is ranked in order of our preference from one to…

Art of the Weekend

May 31, 2009 By Brian D. Sweany

Location: Dallas and Fort Worth What You’ll Need: Sketch pad, beret The body of downtown Dallas has been prayed over more times than I can count. And while it may take an act of God to finally bring the Trinity River Project to life, there’s no question…

Tributes to Matt

Mar 11, 2009 By Patricia Sharpe

These tributes to well-loved Dallas restaurateur and native Austinite Matt Martinez, Jr., who is ill with brain cancer and has entered hospice care, come from other blogs in the Dallas area.  Fort Worth journalist June Naylor wrote, “[Matt’s dad] Matt Sr. taught my mom to make his famous shrimp enchiladas…

Saturday Night

Mar 1, 2009 By Jordan Breal

From a honky-tonk in Odessa to a Catholic church in Houston, there’s one night of the week when you’re guaranteed to find Texans at their snappiest.

Kent Rathbun’s Latest

Feb 12, 2009 By Patricia Sharpe

News flash: Big-time Dallas chef Kent Rathbun is going casual. On Feb. 23, he will open Rathbun’s Blue Plate Kitchen at 6130 Luther Lane, 214-890-1103. He says it will feature the kinds of dishes he ccoks for the family, and that he grew up eating himself. Hmmmmm. I’m…