If you’re in the market for palatial real estate, you could do worse than the North Texas property that Deion Sanders built and once called home. While we suspect that—given that the last time the house was on the market, it was listed at $12.9 million—that’s not too many of you out there, the place is being offered at auction on November 18th with no reserve, so who knows? Maybe you’ll get lucky and it’ll go cheap.

What you would end up with, in the event that you did end up landing Deion’s estate, is a combination of things that are downright novel and more or less useless for people who aren’t in the same line of work as Sanders was when he made much of his money. A private, two-lane bowling alley? Cool, there’s one of those in the White House. A full indoor astroturf training facility? Awesome if you’re maintaining your skills for an NFL career that would span 16 years, or a MLB career that would cover twelve; less practical if you’re not pursuing either of those endeavors.

Deion’s bowling alley—potentially your future bowling alley!—is adorned in neon colors, because duh, and it includes video screens to celebrate your strikes and make the scorekeeping process state-of-the-art. (Only two lanes, though—perhaps it got a little lonely being Deion Sanders in that house?) 

If you want to use Deion’s house as an opportunity to explore his psyche, in fact, you could find some fodder: He’s got a massive personal movie theater/stage with stadium platforms—we’re going to assume that it’s not programmed to show exclusively Deion Sanders highlight footage, but who knows?—but, despite the gargantuan size of the room, there are only three permanent seats. Where did the rest of Deion’s friends sit on movie night? 

Of course, it’s possible that some of the changes to the place were made by the realtor or auctioneer, Concierge Auctions, so let’s not get too inside of Deion’s head here. Other aspects of the place—like the fully-functioning barbershop—are more concerned with what’s on the head. Then there’s the indoor pool, which conveniently appears to provide a stunning view of the beautiful, luxurious outdoor pool. 

Why build an indoor pool that overlooked an outdoor pool? Did Deion urge himself to greatness by swimming laps in the indoor pool while staring forlorn at the tantalizingly close outdoor pool—just a few more laps, Primetime!—that he had to earn the right to use by beating his previous record? It’s impossible to know. 

The number of indoor amenities at the estate are substantial: In addition to the previously mentioned bowling alley/theater/astroturf training facility/barbershop/indoor pool, there’s also a full basketball court, an arcade, and a sauna. More conventional amenities abide too: The 29,000 square foot home contains ten bedrooms and ten bathrooms, a gourmet, commercial-grade kitchen, and a beautiful two-story foyer. 

There is, as well, the master bedroom. Aside from the pre-bedroom sitting area, perhaps the most unique aspect of this room is the custom-built circular bed in the center of the room, which presumably allowed Deion to fall asleep facing any direction he chose without awakening disoriented. That piece of furniture comes with the house as part of the auction, so if you want to find out, we do urge you to place a bid. It also leads directly to the master bathroom, where you can watch television from within the shower, or visit the his-and-hers custom closets, each of which are two story and which include a full kitchenette, complete with a stovetop and a fridge, in case picking out what you’re going to wear causes you to work up an appetite.

All of that, of course, is merely what’s inside the house. Outside, on nice days, you can take your basketball games to the half-sized outdoor court; if you lose there, feel free to challenge your guests, if you have any, to a game of beach volleyball, for a second chance. Or, if you really want to show off what you can do, why not take advantage of the full-sized football field, complete with two sets of goalposts (visible from some distance), that Deion probably had built so he could work on his kickoff and punt return skills first thing every morning? 

If competitive sports aren’t your thing—well, this may be the wrong house for you, but you’re not limited exclusively to team games. There’s a 10′ trampoline for some bouncy fun, and a stocked fishing pond if you just want to kick back and drop a line in. 

In all, the property at 1280 North Preston in Prosper, Texas that once belonged to Deion Sanders is a very Deion place, which makes it both extremely novel, and full of quirks that are probably too specific to Sanders to make them the choices anybody else would have made for a property that could potentially fetch $13 million at auction. But if you’re interested in the full tour, do take a look at the video from Concierge Auctions and consider how your lifestyle might match up to Deion’s in that house. 


Live Big And Prosper — from Concierge Auctions

(all images via Concierge Auctions)