If you’re one of those people who really loves Valentine’s Day, or worse, one of those people in a relationship with someone who really loves Valentine’s Day—well, that’s unfortunate. In retaliation against the made-up holiday orchestrated by the greeting card cabal, people in recent years have come up with clever ways of subverting Single’s Awareness Day. Leslie Knope, for instance, created Galentine’s Day. And even Seventeen magazine has gift ideas for friend-focused “Anti-Valentine’s Day.”

But one very smart woman came up with an anti-love gift so great that it could be used year round: a Selena Quintanilla impersonator delivering a break-up singing telegram, a.k.a. the Selenagram (copyright pending).

It’s all there: the mariachi band, the short rendition of “Si Una Vez,” the near-tears breakdown it brought to poor Aaron, the Selenagram recipient. It was, of course, a wonderfully twisted joke by Aaron’s girlfriend, and ends on a happier note. The video, produced by Mitú, has a “real” VD companion, in which the Selena impersonator sings “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom” to one lucky “Be Mine.”

Valentine’s Day is, in general, a terrible event, but this is just more proof that anything associated with Selena is amazing. In related amazing-ness, this year seems poised to be even more Selena-filled than 2015. On the heels of last year’s wildly successful Fiesta De La Flor, a.k.a Selenafest, the Quintanilla family (and the city of Corpus Christi), officially announced plans for this year’s April concert earlier this month. The festival promises to be bigger in nearly every way, including the fact that it’s being expanded to two days.

That’s the official celebration of Selena’s life (the announcement was made at the family studio, Quintanilla’s Q). As I examined at length in a feature story about the meaning and interpretations of Selena’s legacy, the public also has its own ways of celebrating the Queen of Tejano music. Apart from this lovely Selenagram, it would seem the public also wants a Selena Barbie. Immediately after the remodeling of the Barbie body type by Mattel, fans launched a Change.Org petition to have a doll made in the likeness of Selena. The petition itself is a great example of how Selena doesn’t just represent Tejano music, but the pride of Latinas everywhere.

There has yet to be any curvy Hispanic barbie dolls in any Barbie line and we think Selena is a perfect candidate for that kind of representation. Selena was truly a person to be admired and I think young girls and boys would appreciate having a Selena doll in their collection.

Fans concerned primarily with memorabilia will accurately note that there is already a Selena doll out there (her face was on, like, everything). And, better, yet mint-condition versions are pretty dern cheap. It’s a perfect last-minute Valentine’s Day gift!