When campus carry went into effect last August, a group of students discovered that a viral way to demonstrate their dissatisfaction was with extremely broad satire. The architects of last fall’s headline-grabbing “Cocks Not Glocks” protest are keeping their sense of humor with a new campaign: a website and ad for “Student Body Armor,” in burnt orange, which allow students to show their enthusiasm for their university while also being mostly bulletproof.

The products advertised in the video and on the website don’t actually exist. Clicking on “pre-order” on the site provides you with the opportunity to get added to a mailing list about the issue—the items are tagged “100% Cotton, 200% Ironic”—with the call to action to contact representatives in the Texas Legislature at the bottom.

Visiting the site’s “shipping and return policy” page makes clear that there is no actual product here, in case you didn’t make it all the way through the video to catch the “Student Body Armor is a joke, Campus Carry is not” disclaimer:

Our shipping and return policies are simple: we neither ship nor return, because Student Body Armor is about making a point, not a profit. So the garments are not for sale and only exist to draw attention to the flawed thinking of campus carry legislation. Because having guns everywhere won’t make us safe anywhere.