Last week, I asked for a little help answering a California reader’s query about where in Texas he and his family should relocate. I was very happy to read all of your thoughtful comments, as well as the responses on Twitter and Facebook. Perhaps unsurprisingly, towns in Texas’s bucolic Hill Country garnered the most votes. Read on for a full list of all the towns that received votes and a few of my favorite responses.

the Hill Country – 27%

Wimberley (3 votes) // Marble Falls (2 votes) // Dripping Springs // Kerrville // Llano // Fredericksburg // Bastrop // New Braunfels

We are Texans living in SoCal with family living in the Hill Country. Honestly, that area would be the easiest for you to assimilate into…Dripping Springs comes to mind. Seriously, everyone is so kind in Texas, We miss their good old fashioned manners. First thing to do once you get there is to ditch your California Plates! We get stopped every single time for…? and honked at.. a lot! We have lived out here(CA) for 20 yrs and are moving back to Texas soon, when we retire. Good Luck. – K Marie

Truly, the size of the city is the key…The Hill Country is very laid back and much more slowly paced than SoCo. It would most likely feel very pastoral to you…If it were me, I’d get a temporary place and make some trips to the various parts of Texas you are considering, giving yourselves time to really “feel” the local aura. This is a big decision to make from afar. Good luck! – Sharon Cohen

North Texas – 17%

Grapevine (3 votes) // Southlake (2 votes) // Denton // Mansfield // Roanoke // Keller

We love Californians! Welcome! North Texas is the place to be. Close to DFW airport. Flower Mound, Argyle, Southlake (& others) have award winning schools. Many of our communities are in the woodland section of the Cross Timbers region. Beautiful trees, ponds, terrain, hike/bike trails on Lake Grapevine. Horse country out here too! – a real estate agent in Flower Mound

Austin – 12%


San Antonio – 10%

San Antonio is definitely a top foodie town. – Lynn Knapik

San Antonio, but not Stone Oak. Dominion, if they’re keen. – Maggie M.

Houston – 10%

the Heights // Bellaire // Sugar Land

Houston wins for best wine shops and fine dining hands down, but if you want to be away from the city, try Sugar Land, a very very nice area with amazing restaurants and wine shops just 30 minuets southwest of Houston. The restaurants are amazing, and I’m not just talking about steak and bar-b-q, with Houston’s and Sugar Land’s diversity there is every type of fine dining restaurant you could want…Get a temporary spot and spend some long weekends in several areas, just don’t visit any area when a major event is going on and pass judgment, go on a normal slow weekday to get a real feel. Good Luck, and hope you learn to love Texas as much as the rest of us do. – Ben Mund

Fort Worth – 8%


Dallas – 6%


the Coast – 6%

Port Aransas // Rockport // Corpus Christi

If you are looking for a beach, Port Aransas is a hidden gem that gets overlooked by many. And you can always look at Rock Port, where there is money, scenery, and sailing. – Buddy DiFonzo