There are plenty of unpleasant reasons to take a staycation this summer, from the collapse of your 401(k) to the global outbreak of swine flu, but there are plenty of pleasant ones too. For the thirteen weekends between the first day of summer (June 21) and the first day of fall (September 22), we found thirteen weekend trips within Texas that will bring you as much fun, relaxation, romance, and history as anything you’ll find out there in the big, bad world.

Romance On The River, Pamela Colloff
Location: San Antonio | What You’ll Need: Significant Other

Making The Scene, John Spong
Location: Austin | What You’ll Need: Ironic T-shirt, bed head

Bright Skies, Big Shell, David Courtney
Location: Padre Island National Seashore | What You’ll Need: Sleeping Bag, Marshmallow-Roasting Stick

Putter Around, Paul Burka
Location: Las Colinas, The Colony, And Dallas | What You’ll Need: Big Bertha driver, GPS range finder

The Weird, Weird West, Michael Hall
Location: Fort Davis | What You’ll Need: Cowboy hat, canteen

Vineyard Hopping, Patricia Sharpe
Location: Hill Country | What You’ll Need: Road map, spittoon

Culture Vulture, Mimi Swartz
Location: Houston | What You’ll Need: Open mind, credit card

Parental Paradise, Skip Hollandsworth
Location: Lakeway Resort And Spa, Outside Austin | What You’ll Need: Bathing suit, trashy magazines

Court Order, Brian D. Sweany
Location: East Texas | What You’ll Need: Full tank of gas, love of granite

Presidential Detail, Karen Olsson
Location: College Station and Austin | What You’ll Need: Pork Rinds, Fresca

Art Of The Weekend, Brian D. Sweany
Location: Dallas and Fort Worth | What You’ll Need: Sketch pad, beret

Home On The Range, Jordan Breal
Location: Wildcatter Ranch, Graham | What You’ll Need: Nothing at all

Hello to a River, Katy Vine
Location: The Frio, outside Leakey | What You’ll Need: Inner tube, groceries