Since the magazine story was published in our April 2011 issue, Sharon Derrick has discovered the identity of the boy whom the Scott family believed to be their son Mark and had cremated in 1993 after twenty years of uncertainty. According to, Derrick has concluded that the remains were those of Steven Sickman, who was seventeen years old when he vanished on Wednesday, July 19, 1972. He lived in the 600 block of Jim Street, which was within blocks of Wayne Henley’s father’s home. According to, Mark’s younger brother, Jeff, was shocked by the recent development—yet he recalled how his father never felt 100 percent certain he had full closure.

So, we have another name to add to the list of lost boys. And on their website, the authors of, write about a possible thirtieth victim, a former Marine from Pasadena named David Waggoner who disappeared in 1971.

I have a feeling that as the years go on, more names are going to keep emerging. It’s a story that might never end.