Illustration by Ross MacDonald

A thief handed out free donuts to customers while he was robbing a Shipley’s in Houston.

Guinness World Records officially designated the car wash at the Buc-ee’s in Katy as the world’s longest.

The Wichita County Sheriff’s Office threw a retirement party at a coffee shop for a dog in the K-9 unit named Kimbo.

The UTEP Miners ended the football season without winning a single game.

An elderly Tyler woman who couldn’t stand up told paramedics she needed a Big Red, not a trip to the hospital, so as a compromise the first responders brought her a Big Red at the hospital.

A teenager in Natalia had a Whataburger-themed quinceañera.

A man jokingly posted a Craigslist ad selling a Russian submarine that was supposedly floating in Lake Conroe.

The Texas State football team’s airplane hit a coyote on the runway after a road game in South Carolina.

A Sansom Park man claimed that he captured a ghost on video outside his convenience store.

The asking price of a zoo for sale in Alvin that houses five hundred exotic animals dropped from $7 million to $6 million.

North Texas recorded its hottest November temperature ever, at 95 degrees.