This article is part of a series that spotlights Texas pitmasters in their own words, available exclusively to TM BBQ Club members.

If there’s anyone who believes barbecue is meant to be enjoyed, it’s Tyler Frazer. He works tirelessly on the meat he prepares for his guests, but he’ll also be the first one to greet you at the door. His hard work landed his joint a spot on our Top 50 list back in 2017, but his hospitality keeps us coming back.

Tell me about the first person who taught you about barbecue.

I actually have two people. Matt Ayers, my buddy in Dallas who had a tailgate rig and a spot at SMU. I started tailgating and cooking with him. Through that connection, I met Trace Arnold, who is the owner of The Ultimate Smoker and Grill. I worked for him for five years driving the rig and cooking all over the country.

Do you remember a backyard or a barbecue joint that started your barbecue obsession?

My first experience at a barbecue joint was in the fourth grade. Doug’s Bar-B-Q was located a block from my elementary school and if we brought a note from home, we could walk to Doug’s for lunch. I remember a chopped brisket sandwich, bowl of beans, and a bottled Coke was $1.20.

What message are you trying to share to your customers through your food?

I want to bring people together and offer them the opportunity to experience traditional Texas barbecue.  

As a professional pitmaster, are you a BBQ Freak just like the rest of us?

Yes, sir!  

When is the last time you ate someone else’s barbecue besides your own?

I love to eat barbecue from other places. My wife and I plan trips around barbecue joints! The last time I ate someone else’s barbecue was Tuesday, March 16th.  I had fatty sliced brisket and pork ribs.

What’s the most surprising barbecue dish you’ve eaten?

The brisket elote from Panther City BBQ.

What’s the best beverage to wash down barbecue?

I would have to say a cold beer or an ice-cold Dr Pepper.

What’s a tool you use in cooking that might not seem like an obvious barbecue tool?

Harvest King Farm & Garden Sprayer. We use this to spritz apple juice on the briskets.

What recommendations do you have for someone new to Texas ’cue?

Don’t be too critical by focusing on the negatives. Try to pick positive things when evaluating texture, flavor, and smokiness. Enjoy it.